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Rolling With Rogen, A New Web Series On YouTube

Seth Rogen Releases Video Teaching You How to Roll The Perfect Joint - Green Rush Daily


Rolling With Rogen, A New Web Series On YouTube

In this video, Seth Rogen teaches us how to roll the perfect joint. The first video of a series called “Rolling With Rogen.”

Rolling With Rogen

When it comes to celebrity stoners, Seth Rogen is definitely in the inner circle. He’s right up there with other big-name potheads like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Cheech and Chong, and a few select others.

This week, Rogen moved even deeper into the cannabis hall of fame with the release of a video giving fellow smokers a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to roll the perfect joint.

The word is that the 5-minute video, which was just published to YouTube, is the first in what could become an entire web series called “Rolling With Rogen.”

In which the celebrity cannasseur takes viewers on a tour of the full world of weed.

In this first video, Rogen provides what could very well be the best joint-rolling instructions ever compiled.

It’s a thorough, no frills, no gimmicks approach to rolling a basic, straightforward, smooth burning joint.

In the video, Rogen takes the time to go over every single detail, from how to grind bud to how to hold the rolling paper in your fingers to how to finish off your joint by—as he puts it—”baptizing” it to create a slow and even burn.

As the video description says:

“If you have never been able to roll a proper missionary joint, this is your best chance.”

“You definitely won’t be able to get it right for a while, but practice makes perfect so keep this video bookmarked in your browser and one day you’ll be able to say, ‘THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO ROLL A JOINT, SETH ROGEN!'”

Seth Rogen Releases Video Teaching You How to Roll The Perfect Joint - Green Rush Daily

In addition to his new marijuana web series, Rogen has starred in a handful of pot-themed films like Pineapple ExpressThis Is The End, Knocked Up, and Neighbors.

Other cannabis-related high points in the comedian’s career include getting into a hilarious conversation about how potent today’s weed is with Dave Letterman.

And smoking so much weed in an office that the walls had to be repainted after he moved out to get rid of the smell of ganja.

And in an interview with Elle magazine, he described himself as having “a terrible case of I-wanna-smoke-weed-all-day.”

Needless to say, Rogen has long been a frontrunner for the title of celebrity cannabis poster child. And if the rest of his “Rolling With Rogen” videos are anywhere near as good as this first joint-rolling tutorial, he may very well lock down that position for good.

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