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Secret Menu Hack to Try the Next Time You’re High

Secret Menu Hacks


Secret Menu Hack to Try the Next Time You’re High

Secret Menu

Everyone’s got their standard set of munchies snacks and go-to fast food restaurants. And they’ll do the trick. But if you want to elevate your munchies game really, you’ve got to get down into the hidden underworld of fast food secret menu hacks.

This is where you’ll find all the mind-blowing dishes and crazy food combos that will put the perfect finishing touch to even the best smoke sesh.

These secret menu hacks are a must try

Chipotle “Quesarito.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

There is no better way to start this list than with the classic Chipotle “Quesarito.” This behemoth of a burrito uses a cheese quesadilla as the shell for a full-sized burrito.

To order a quesarito, order a regular cheese quesadilla, then ask them to use that to roll your burrito. Fill it with whatever you’d normally get in a burrito—but this time, the whole thing will be smothered in warm,  melty, cheese and a perfectly crisp tortilla.

Five Guys “Double Grilled Cheese Burger.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? That perfectly toasted, buttery bread? That mouth-watering melted cheese?

Now picture having not one, but two grilled cheese sandwiches. Now imagine a hamburger stuffed in the middle of those sandwiches. Welcome to the grilled double cheeseburger.

To order, this sandwich got to Five Guys and order two grilled cheese sandwiches. Then, ask them to use those sandwiches as the buns for a burger. Don’t forget to load it up with a pile of Five Guys toppings!

Wendy’s “Barnyard Burger.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

The barnyard burger steps up the usual Wendy’s fare in a BIG way. Order an Asiago Ranch Chicken Club or if you want something spicy, a Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

Then ask them to add a beef patty. Then ask them to add some bacon. Then ask them to add cheese. Then prepare for the best sandwich you’ve ever had.

Starbucks “Liquid Cocaine.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

There might be more ways to hack the secret menu at Starbucks than anywhere else. But this one’s the best of all.

To get yourself a little liquid cocaine, ask the barista to use a grande cup. Order 4 shots of espresso, four pumps of white chocolate syrup, fill it up with ice and top it off with milk.

Sit back, enjoy, and try not to become addicted. This drink has the bonus of being a good way to satisfy both the munchies and cotton mouth.

KFC “Triple Down.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

The triple down is not for the weak of heart. Literally. This sandwich could very well give you a heart attack.

But if you’ve got a super demanding case of the munchies, and you’re ready to take a gamble, go for it.

To order the triple down, just ask for a double down (that ridiculous sandwich that uses fried chicken instead of buns and has bacon and cheese inside it) with an extra layer of chicken, bacon, and melted cheese thrown on top.

Enjoy it like it’s your last meal, because it very well could be.

Taco Bell “The Incredible Hulk.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

This secret menu hack lives up to its name.

Order a 5-layer burrito, but ask them to substitute guacamole for the nacho cheese. Or you could just ask them to keep the cheese and add the guac anyway. You can also have them add the Pico de gallo that’s usually reserved for their “Fresco” menu.

By the end of the order, you’ll end up with a massive burrito full of rice, meat, veggies, guac, salsa, sour cream, and if you keep the nacho cheese, then that’ll be in there too.

Sonic “Frito Pie.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

This one’s pretty simple, but it delivers a huge punch of flavor—perfect for when you’re stoned late at night. Just ask the staff to give you a pile of Fritos topped off with hot chili and melted cheese. Dig in and enjoy.

Arby’s “Meat Mountain.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

This sandwich is ridiculous. Seriously. It’s every single meat Arby’s serves, topped off with some melted cheese, all smashed between hamburger buns.

If the person working doesn’t know what the Meat Mountain is, here’s how you can break it down for them: bottom bun, chicken tender, ham, roast turkey, swiss cheese, corned beef, steak, brisket, cheddar cheese, roast beef, bacon, top bun.

Again, this thing is ridiculous.

Jack in the Box “Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

Breakfast is good any time of the day, especially when you’re high. Next time you smoke up and find yourself craving some breakfast, head to Jack in the Box and order a loaded grilled breakfast sandwich.

Order their Grilled Breakfast Sandwich and ask them to add turkey and sausage.

In-N-Out “Flying Dutchman.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

You’ll need a stack of napkins to get through this one. By the end of it, you will be covered in delicious, cheesy, beefy grease. That’s because the Flying Dutchman is two slices of melted cheese sandwiched between two beef patties. That’s it. Simple and to the point. And so satisfying.

McDonald’s “McGangBang.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

This infamous McDonald’s secret menu hack requires a little DIY. Order a McDouble and a McChicken. Open the McDouble, place the McChicken in the middle, then put the McDouble back together again. You may need to smash down this massive conglomeration of meat, bread, cheese, and toppings just to fit it in your mouth.

Chick-fil-A Free IceDream

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

This is a handy little trick if you’re trying to stretch your cash. If you order a Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meal, you can ask them to replace the toy with an IceDream ice cream cone. Just like that, free ice cream!

Whataburger “Chicken & Pancakes.”

Secret Menu Hacks To Try While High

It’s almost chicken and waffles. Close enough. Just order chicken strips with a side of pancakes. Throw the chicken on top of the pancakes, drench the whole thing in syrup, and dig in. Your munchies have never been satisfied so thoroughly. You’re welcome.

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