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Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop Beefs with Quiznos for ‘Bandwagoning’

Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop Beefs with Quiznos for 'Bandwagoning'


Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop Beefs with Quiznos for ‘Bandwagoning’

Cheba Hut’s founder isn’t happy about Quiznos and Carl’s Jr. jocking his style.

The stoner-themed sandwich shop Cheba Hut has deep “roots” in cannabis counterculture. The Fort Collins-based restaurant was opened 21 years ago—long before today’s green rush— by anti-establishment restauranter Scott Jennings, and still remains a staple amongst hardcore tokers on the West Coast. Its menu features a bevy of recognizable sammich’ names for stoners, such as the Sticky Icky, Kush, Dank, and Acapulco Gold.

The drinks are even referred to as “Cottonmouth Cures,” if you needed any more context.

But thanks to the commercialization of legal cannabis, Jennings has found himself in a couple of tussles with larger corporations pawning off his ideas. His latest beef? It’s with Quiznos Subs, the chain sub-shop that decided to take its own liberties with one of Jennings marquee sandwiches, the Magic Mushroom.

Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop ‘Beefs’ with Quiznos

In honor of Colorado’s recent decriminalization of psychedelic mushrooms, Quiznos decided to celebrate the landmark decision with a celebratory sandwich, available for only one day—June 22nd—at the company’s original Grant Street location in Denver. The sandwich would be served on multi-colored bread, with tye-died swiss, button mushrooms, bacon, and purple and green ranch. It more closely resembled something Willy Wonka would eat for lunch, more so someone who just ate an eighth of ‘shrooms.

Still, there was a discrepancy between the promotional sandwich and Jennings’ own. According to Cheb Hut’s menu, the “original” Magic Mushroom contains “swiss, hummus, banana peppers, spring mix, onion, tomato, pickle, cucumber, sprouts, ‘shrooms, black olives, and house dressing.” Despite the variation, Jennings told Westword that he had customers calling and asking if the Quiznos promotion was part of a joint effort. After all, Cheb Hut is a mere four blocks away from the location of the Quiznos offering the sandwich.

Jennings then decided to take legal action, sending the company a cease-and-desist letter—courtesy of an adult performer dressed as a police officer— despite the sandwich only being sold for one business day.

“We’ve had our Magic Mushroom sandwich on for at least fifteen years,” he told Westword. “So we’ve gotta go legal here.”

Jennings’ Move Not All That Surprising

For those familiar with Jennings’ thought process, his latest beef should not be all that surprising.

As a longtime supporter of cannabis, Jennings isn’t a fan of the corporate-like structure of the legal cannabis industry. He’s also, apparently, not a huge fan of larger companies trying to take advantage of ma and pop shops.

Back in April, Jennings also made headlines for calling out Carl Jr’s. and their 4/20 CBD burger.

” “never been a fan of going mainstream,” Jennings said in a separate interview with Westword last month. “There are a lot of fakers and bandwagon douchebags out there chasing trends to increase profits.”

Despite his criticisms, Quiznos decided to take the high road with Jennings. The company’s PR Team released a statement saying that the company would donate its profits from mushroom sandwich sales that day.

“Thank you also for your “gift” of the adult performer dressed as a police officer you generously sent our way,” the statement said. “As it happens, today’s developments have put us in a giving mood as well. We will be donating all proceeds from tomorrow’s special event at our 1275 Grant Street location in Denver to the Food Bank of the Rockies.”

It remains to be seen, however, if the sandwich beef is officially squashed. But this seems like a step in the right direction.

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