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Snoop Dogg Has A New Football Show Called “Turf’d Up”

Snoop Dogg Has A New Football Show Called "Turf'd Up" - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Snoop Dogg Has A New Football Show Called “Turf’d Up”

Snoop Dogg’s enterprising spirit has made him an icon of the budding legal cannabis industry.

Leafs By Snoop, the marijuana brand Snoop launched in 2015, is constantly making headlines on news websites and culture blogs.

Snoop is a major player in the marijuana industry; he sets the trends that others only hope to follow.

Still, the fact that Snoop Dogg has just launched a sports talk show on the NFL called Turf’d Up doesn’t seem at first sight to relate to the world of weed.

Consider, however, that there is a budding movement within the NFL to change the harsh stance of professional football toward marijuana.

In fact, a number of former NFL football players have become vocal in their support of removing marijuana from the league’s list of banned substances.

Watch the first episode below:

Players like Nate Jackson, a former tight end for the Denver Broncos, have said that medical marijuana would give professional football players a more effective and much safer way to deal with the physical pain associated with playing the sport than the painkillers currently being prescribed.

With Snoop Dogg entering the conversation about professional football, one can expect more advocacy and support for the NFL players who are supporting medical cannabis as those views are amplified and reach the mainstream.

Snoop, or Coach Snoop as he is known in the parlance of Turf’d Up, has teamed with sports apparel brand Adidas to bring us this new show. As such, Snoop is decked out head to toe in Adidas stuff, and we also get to see Snoop in action a bit as a youth football coach, so we know he’s legit.

The first guest is Terrell Owens, the great, and controversial, former NFL wide receiver.

Snoop and Owens sit in ostentatious black chairs and talk about Owens’ career, their favorite players, and Owens’ relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback, and T.O.’s former teammate, Tony Romo.

Turf’d Up is produced by the Cashmere Agency and sponsored by Adidas Football. It will run for eight episodes, with a new one arriving each Wednesday.

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