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Touring Cannabis Show Combines Entertainment And Education

Touring Cannabis Show Combines Entertainment And Education
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Touring Cannabis Show Combines Entertainment And Education

Learning can be fun, so long as it involves a little ganja and celebrity guests.

When it comes to the burgeoning legal cannabis industry, education on the subject matter is vital in creating a fully regulated, state-sanctioned industry. Massachusetts, which legalized recreational weed back on December 1st, 2016, but has yet to fully implement their retail sector of the industry, will be taking a similar approach. This September, they will be debuting “That Cannabis Show,” a marijuana convention that blends the best of the marijuana biz for a comprehensive, hands-on, learning experience.

And as the press release so aptly puts it—”this isn’t your grandma’s cannabis convention.”

That Cannabis Show Is A Convention Like No Other

‘That Cannabis Show’ is set to debut at the MassMutual Center on Sept. 15 and 16. While the cannabis convention might benefit Massachusetts particularly well, ahead of their upcoming recreational sector, the event will not be Massachusetts-exclusive. According to Sarah Manion, the event manager of 2 Jerks Promotions, of Mashpee, Massachusetts, this will only be the first iteration of the event.

“This is is the first. We’re doing a nationwide tour and kicking off in Springfield,” she said to MassLive.

According to the website, the event will continue in 2019. The convention will tour Los Angeles in March, Denver in June and Boston in September of next year.

The event’s website has it billed as a perfect blend of entertainment/pop culture and important information about the ever-expanding legal marijuana industry.

“Whether you’re a cannabis expert looking to expand a serious business or a cannabis-friendly citizen curious about this new sector—there’s a place for you at That Cannabis Show,” the website said. “Unlike traditional trade shows that only focus on executing deals, we blend business opportunity with community to support the growth of a healthy and inclusive cannabis sector. By widening our scope, That Cannabis Show offers exhibitors the chance to connect with new and untapped markets while providing an accessible and friendly space for anyone interested in the industry to explore, learn and connect to a budding community.”

Events At That Cannabis Show

One of the main attractions of the trade show is most certainly under the umbrella of “entertainment.” The event will include a $20 autograph session with Jay Chandrasekhar of the “Super Trooper” movies. While that might be the hot-ticket event of the show, that’s far from the only thing on schedule (although, it’s probably the coolest).

Other events include a ‘Bud Camp’ workshop run by the producers of the Amazon Prime program The Marijuana Show, a panel of Massachusetts regulators that will answer any questions about the state’s industry, another Bud Camp-sponsored workshop on how to start your own hemp business, a networking event, a speed mentoring portion, a workshop on how to normalize your resume in the cannabis industry, and a legal overview of the landscape of Massachusetts own retail sector, amongst others.

Their website promises that the aforementioned workshops will prove to be vital for those looking to get into the industry.

“Attending these workshops will position cannabis businesses to effectively tell their unique business story to potential investors and position for industry success,” the website said.

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