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Watch The Super Troopers 2 Teaser Right Meow


Watch The Super Troopers 2 Teaser Right Meow

The Super Troopers 2 teaser has finally dropped. Get ready to watch it right MEOW.

Fans of Super Troopers have been anticipating a trailer for the long-awaited sequel ever since it was announced earlier this month—and luckily, they won’t be disappointed. The Super Troopers 2 teaser trailer has finally dropped, and you can go and watch it right meow.

Super Troopers 2 Teaser Brings Back the Gang

Watch The Super Troopers 2 Teaser Right Meow

The sequel to the 2001 stoner crime-comedy cult classic, Super Troopers 2 will star Broken Lizard comedy team Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske. While the movie has no official synopsis as of now, the trailer looks like we’ll be privy to the same kinds of shenanigans that made the original Super Troopers a hit in the first place. As far as we know, the plot will revolve around tensions along the U.S.-Canadian border—and honestly, do we really need to know more than that to reel us into movie theaters?

Considering that the entire project owes its existence due to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo—in which the comedy troupe raised $4.4 million from fans to produce and film the follow-up—we’re expecting plenty of lip service to fans of the original movie. If the Super Troopers 2 teaser is any indication, the comedy’s intended audience will have plenty to be content with.

As the trailer suggests, not a lot has changed since we first encountered our favorite Vermont state troopers over a decade ago.(Or are the Mounties now?)  The clip features Rabbit cuffed to a bench and going through some rookie rigamarole as he pleads to his fellow officers Mac, Thorny, Foster, and Farva to “cut the crap.” After all, he’s “not a rookie anymore.” 

In addition to the return of the movie’s main lineup, stoners and pop culture junkies alike are due for a few more delightful surprises. As Uproxx reported, legendary country singer-songwriter and known toker Willie Nelson is geared to make a cameo, along with everyone’s favorite Big Foot hunter Rob Lowe. Emmanuelle Chriqui, Tyler Labine, Hayes MacArthur and Will Sasso will also star.

Final Hit: Watch The Super Troopers 2 Teaser Right Meow

Fittingly, the movie is slated for release on April 20 of next year. That’s right: 4/20. Don’t forget to “shave the date,” and get ready to sit down and watch this baby with some snozberries and a liter of cola, kids. It looks like the gang is back—and funnier than ever.

Check out the Super Troopers 2 teaser right meow in the video clip below.

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