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9 Best TV Shows About Weed

Top 10 Shows About Weed


9 Best TV Shows About Weed

These Are Best TV Shows About Weed

It’s a good time to be a cannabis fan. Weed is popping up all over the place, and that includes on YouTube, TV, and Netflix. Thanks to the growing number of weed-oriented shows, you can surround yourself with cannabis pretty much 24/7, whether you’re high or not. Here are the best tv shows about weed.

9. Mary + Jane

Top 10 Shows About Weed

This MTV show follows two friends as they try to become L.A’s premier all-woman-run weed delivery company. Along the way, they run into all sorts of crazy, bizarre, cannabis-induced sh*t.

“Mary + Jane” gives viewers a hilarious view of the Cali weed scene. You should definitely add this one to your list of favorite tv shows about weed.

8. American Weed

Top 10 Shows About Weed

National Geographic’s “American Weed” was one of the first TV shows about weed to take cannabis seriously. Based in Colorado, it explores the growing cannabis industry.

Along with giving you a glimpse of the legalization movement, the show also offers some insight into what it’s like to run a weed company.

Similarly, “American Weed” spends a lot of time showcasing the work of Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared, and Josh Stanley. Commonly known simply as the Stanley brothers, these guys are cannabis pioneers.

For starters, they developed the Charlotte’s Web strain. This specialized, high-CBD strain was created specifically for medical uses. It’s been especially helpful for children who need medical cannabis. In addition to that, the brothers were also key figures in Colorado’s booming cannabis scene.

“American Weed” is a documentary show that has archived some of the most important people, developments, and struggles of the legalization movement. Unfortunately, it only had one season.

7. Humboldt

Top 10 Shows About Weed

“Humboldt” hasn’t actually aired yet. But it is scheduled for production and is sure to be a hit as soon as it hits TV and computer screens.

The show is a crime drama based on Michael A. Lerner’s book, “Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier.”

If you want to see how crazy things can get in the Northern California black market growing scene, and you like the drama of crime shows, then this is for you. According to early reports, John Malkovich is set to be the headlining star of the show.

6. Weed Country

Top 10 Shows About Weed

While “Humboldt” aims to give you a dramatized picture of what it’s like to be a grower in the west coast’s Emerald Triangle, “Weed Country” gives you real-life footage.

The show, which is a Discovery Channel feature, depicts growers in northern California and southern Oregon as they battle against cops to produce some of the country’s most legendary bud.

Like some of the other tv shows about weed on this list, “Weed Country” only ran for a single season. But it still managed to capture some of the best footage of life as a West Coast grower.

5. Disjointed

Top 10 Shows About Weed

In “Disjointed,” Kathy Bates stars as a life-long cannabis activist who finally gets to run her own dispensary in L.A.

The workplace comedy follows her character as she tries to keep the business running smoothly. Think of it like “The Office” but with weed. Lots and lots of weed.

Netflix has already committed to running a 20-episode season. It’s scheduled to premiere at the end of the summer, on August 25. If you’re for some reason the only person on the planet without a Netflix subscription, it’s time to get one.

4. High Maintenance

Top 10 Shows About Weed

So far, a lot of the shows on this list have been about the West Coast cannabis scene. “High Maintenance” provides some balance by giving us a snapshot of the New York City weed life.

The show follows a weed dealer in Brooklyn as he delivers cannabis to a diverse and hilarious lineup of customers. As he interacts with all these people, things sometimes get a little weird.

You can watch “High Maintenance” on HBO. Season One aired in 2016, and HBO has renewed its contract for Season Two.

3. The High Court

Top 10 Shows About Weed

Doug Benson’s back on our list of best tv shows about weed. But unlike the informal YouTube show “Getting Doug With High,” “The High Court” was picked up by Comedy Central.

In this show, you’re still going to see a lot of Benson smoking weed and talking to other people who are also smoking weed. But this one introduces a little twist.

Benson and his guests are judging people. Basically, they’re f*cking with people and talking a lot of sh*t. And it’s hilarious.

2. Broad City

Top 10 Shows About Weed

“Broad City” isn’t necessarily about weed. It’s about two best friends living life in New York City. But since they’re almost constantly high, and since pretty much every episode has at least one moment where they’re toking up, we think it qualifies for this list.

“Broad City” is the brainchild of comedy superstars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who also star as the shows main characters. The show is hilarious, and is definitely a top pick if you’re looking for tv shows about weed to watch while getting stoned.

It’s also doing a lot to break down some of the stereotypes about women and weed. Abbi and Ilana have become some of the most well-known, outspoken, visible, and hilarious women who love weed and the want the entire world to know.

1. Weediquette

Top 10 Shows About Weed

Viceland’s “Weediquette” has become one of the best shows devoted to exploring the ins and outs of today’s complex cannabis world.

Host Krishna Andavolu dives into pretty much any weed-related issue you can think of: health, medicine, law, crime, religion, cultivation.

Andavolu’s travels, interviews, and the people he meets all work together to create a diverse and captivating picture of what cannabis looks like in 2017.

But don’t worry. He doesn’t turn weed into some boring news or academic program. Andavolu manages to keep the entire thing entertaining as well.

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