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Matthew McConaughey Shared Fake Edibles and People Acted High

Matthew McConaughey Shared Fake Edibles and People Acted High


Matthew McConaughey Shared Fake Edibles and People Acted High

He tells everypone they’re infused with THC and they roll with it.

The saying “mind over matter” very often proves to be true. And last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matthew McConaughey proved it in a particularly funny way.

As part of his guest appearance on the show—which he made alongside Snoop Dogg—McConaughey went out on the streets of Los Angeles dressed up as a character from his new movie The Beach Bum.

He then gave passersby what he said were cannabis-infused snacks. Peoples’ reactions to these so-called edibles was hilarious—especially because there actually was no THC in any of them.

McConaughey Hands Out Fake Edibles

McConaughey hit the streets during a segment called Highwitness News: Moondog Edition. During the spoof, McConaughey was dressed up as a character named Moondog, who McConaughey plays in the new movie The Beach Bum.

In the segment, Moondog stands on the sidewalk with a table full of snacks. As people walk by, Moondog offers to give them a sample. He then tells them that all the snacks are super potent cannabis edibles.

So potent, in fact, that Moondog tells people they will start feeling high in five to six seconds.

From there, Moondog gives people a taste of his snacks, which includes everything from hot dogs to ketchup to some sort of fruit drink. He even gives people fake THC-infused eyedrops and spray-on deodorant.

At that point, the comedy really starts to kick in. That’s when people start reporting feeling high—even though there was actually no THC in any of the products Moondog gave them.

Despite that, people report feeling all sorts of weird sensations. Some say they feel tingly. Others report a strong sense of relaxation overtaking their bodies.

And the whole time, Moondog eggs them on, encouraging them to describe the supposedly strong effects they are feeling.

To top off the whole thing, Snoop Dogg suddenly pops out of a van stopped in traffic. At that point, people definitely felt like they were starting to trip out.

Check out the full video of McConaughey handing out fake edibles below:

McConaughey and Snoop Promote Their New Movie

The entire hilarious segment was part of a joint appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live by McConaughey and Snoop Dogg.

The pair of celebrities were on the show to promote their new movie The Beach Bum. As McConaughey and Snoop described it, the movie is a bizarre and hilarious movie drenched in the kind of weed- and drug-induced comedy you’d expect from a McConaughey-Snoop collaboration.

During their joint appearance on Kimmel’s show, Snoop and McConaughey both described their time working together as incredibly smooth and productive.

In fact, Snoop went so far as to say the two of them were almost mystically meant to work together on some sort of project.

“I mean it’s magic Jimmy,” Snoop said. “I think certain people in life are meant for each other. I think me and Matthew were meant for each other, and it’s just supposed to be.”

The Beach Bum premiered earlier month at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. It is coming out today at theaters around the country.

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s full interview of McConaughey and Snoop:

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