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Watch This Guy Smoke 9 Joints From An Apple

Watch This Guy Smoke 9 Joints From An Apple


Watch This Guy Smoke 9 Joints From An Apple

Remember back in the day when you would use literally ANYTHING to smoke weed out of? Rolling joints wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world, and blunts– forget about it. Water bottles, an apple, and even tin foil were staples of being a teenage stoner, and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Well, for one weed-enthusiast, not all of these old-school methods were totally squashed, rather, merely innovated. And the result was freaking awesome.

Meet this stoner Matthias, who was successful in smoking not one, not two, not three, but NINE  joints out of a single apple. Yup you heard correctly. He successfully combined a common middle school tactic with some hardcore adult smoking ability.

How The 9 Joint Apple Bowl Works

Watch This Guy Smoke 9 Joints From An Apple

Ok, let’s first start out noting that this guy actually pre-gamed for his challenge with a fat dab. So congrats on that, Matthias.

After that, he found two glass “adaptors” that in total, had nine different slots (one with five, the other four). Then, he simply punched three holes in the apple– two for the adaptors and one to smoke out of.  For one of the adaptors, he taped two toothpick prongs to insert into the apple for additional reinforcement. The other, fit like a glove. After a few more casual dabs, he rolled the nine joints and stuck them suckers right into the adaptors.

Simple enough, right?

Yes, actually, it was. He tested it out by lighting one joint, and it worked like a charm. He then lit up all nine joints at once and voila, his smoking apple experiment was a success. Although, it was not without a severe bout of coughing. However, that should be expected while smoking nine joints at the same time.

While this guy might not be Tony Greenhand, he’s definitely quite the innovator. He’s got a bunch of different crazy vids like this, including doing some dabs out of a pineapple bong, so if you’re ever bored of smoking regular old paper, check this guy out; you might be inspired. Or just downright horrified.

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