Has My Weed Gone Bad? 13 Signs Your Stash Is Trash

Has Your Weed Gone Bad? Here’s How You Can Tell

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, there are probably two things true about you. One, you probably tend to buy weed in volume, because who wants to run out every few days to meet up with their source? Two, you’ve probably let some weed sit around for too long. When that happens, you inevitably end up asking yourself: “Has my weed gone bad”?

But how long is “too long”? What does it mean when you’re dealing with weed gone bad? Does weed even have an expiration date?

And how does the discerning bud smoker know if their once-glistening herb has really gone bad? Well, ask no further. Here are 13 signs your weed has gone bad.

13. It’s Too Dry

So the beginning of this is going to sound a lot like the tale of Goldilocks. But one of the most tell-tale signs you’re dealing with weed gone bad is that it is just too dry.

If the weed you’ve been keeping around for a while, wittingly or not, wasn’t stored in an airtight container, then dryness is probably your biggest concern.

Dryness is pretty easy to detect, because it usually goes along with other symptoms of weed gone bad. Do your nugs feel brittle and crunchy in all the wrong ways? Yeah, too dry.

Dry weed will hit hot and harshly. So it’s best to avoid it at all costs. Choose the right container. Even airtight containers with too much air surrounding your bud could lead to weed that’s too dry.

Tip: Here are five hacks for saving dried out weed.

12. It’s Too Wet

Dank, wet buds are obviously what you want. But there’s a limit to how much wetness is too wet when it comes to cannabis.

Soggy weed will leave you sorry, indeed, the old saying goes. Wet weed sucks for a few reasons. First, it can be a real pain to light up.

Second, soggy nugs will restrict the airflow through the weed, leading to an uneven and incomplete burn.

You’ll also end up inhaling a bunch of water vapor with your hit, and folks with weaker pulls will find smoking a struggle.

Because of all that mess, you’ll usually use up more bud than you usually would have, meaning you could burn through your stash of soggy grass too fast.

Tip: Store your weed in a place that isn’t too humid.


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