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5 Ways To Use Old Weed

What To Do With Old Weed


5 Ways To Use Old Weed

There is nothing more disappointing than discovering a stash of forgotten, dried-up weed. Fortunately, there are still some things you can do to salvage your old weed.

Run into a bag of old weed you forgot about? Dry weed has an extremely harsh smoke for little reward. Fortunately, there are several things you can do with old weed other than smoking it. We promise every one of them will be more enjoyable than trying to smoke enough dry weed to get high.

5. Turn Your Old Weed Into Edibles

What To Do With Old Weed

One way to make use of your archaic weed is by using it to make edibles. Trimmings which have lower levels of THC get turned into cannabutter all the time. If you do it right, you should expect good results, even when using older weed. But if you only have a small amount of old bud don’t even bother. You’ll want to put in more than you normally would to compensate for any THC lost from aging.

4. Dry Sift It

What To Do With Old Weed

You can essentially mine your old weed for gold. The dry sift technique allows you to sift out and separate all the trichomes by isolating kief. Trichomes have high concentrations of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, as well as tons of terpenes.

Using a series of fine screens you can isolate and dab the trichomes. This method is safer than making concentrates with combustible gas like butane. The dry-sifted material will be purer than extracts made using solvents.

3. Vaporize Your Old Weed

What To Do With Old Weed

Vaporizers work better with dry weed. You may have noticed your vaporizer barely hits for the first few pulls when you pack it with fresh weed. That’s probably because your weed is still moist. Additionally, you should be able to get dense clouds of vapor without the harshness of smoke. If your weed is old, the terpene content is likely low. Therefore, it won’t taste that great. If you don’t want to taste old weed you’re better off turning it into edibles or cannabis concentrates.

2. Turn It Into Concentrate

What To Do With Old Weed

People with high tolerances may have to smoke tons of old weed to get slim to no high. Fortunately, you can turn your old stash into a more potent concentrate and dab it. You can run this the same way you would BHO. The only difference is slightly smaller yields. The older your buds, the darker the final product will look.

If you don’t want to introduce solvents, you can use the dry sift method we mentioned above or even a bubble hash extraction. Bubble hash is made with ice, ice water, or dry ice, and a series of bags that work as filters. Stirring the material in the cold will agitate the trichomes off. Since they’re not water-soluble, it’ll be easy to separate them from the water.

1. Rehydrate Your Dried-Out Weed

What To Do With Old Weed

If you’re a ride-or-die smoker, you can save your dried-out weed. Cannabis buds get dehydrated if they’re not kept in an air tight container. You’ll need to toss in humidity packs or fruit peels to return the moisture to your weed.

Place the fruit peel in a jar with your old buds and seal it up. Leave it sitting for about a day, but no longer. You don’t want too much moisture because things could get moldy. The fruit should add some flavor, so it’ll taste like your once dried out weed has more terpenes.

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