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What Are Reggies And How Can You Spot Them?

What Are Reggies And How Can You Spot Them?


What Are Reggies And How Can You Spot Them?

You may be wondering: What are reggies? It’s C-grade weed, and there are a few ways to tell if your bud qualifies as a reggies.

What are reggies? Reggies also known as regs for short are, simply put, another way to refer to low-quality cannabis. With some guidance, you can use your senses to tell whether or not someone is selling regs for the price of quality buds.

What are Regs?

What Are Reggies And How Can You Spot Them?

Some people say reggies are regular weed and others say it’s close to the lowest quality bud you can find. When we say quality, we mean potency, smell, and even appearance. It is comparable to schwag weed, which is cheap low-quality cannabis.

In fact, some say they’re the same thing. Snoop Dogg calls it “white girl weed,” because that’s what he’d sell to the girls at his high school who didn’t know any better—girls like Cameron Diaz.

If you don’t want to be ripped off by dealers like the high school version of Snoop, don’t pay more than $5.00 for a gram of reggies.

Expect more stems and seeds than an average dispensary pick-up. You won’t be stunting your reggies on Instagram unless it’s your first-day smoking weed. We’ll teach you how to tell if there are reggies in your bag, so you don’t get roasted on the ‘gram.

How to identify Reggies

What Are Reggies And How Can You Spot Them?

There are several ways to tell if weed qualifies as regs. You can tell by looking at it, smelling it, or smoking it. You may not be able to tell by smoking if you have no experience with higher-quality weed to compare it to.

Chances are if you were getting fire nugs for a while and you suddenly got a batch of regs you’d be able to tell right away.

First, you’ll probably need to smoke a lot more than a bowl to get high. If you’ve smoked better weed, you’ll notice the taste is worse with seemingly no presence of terpenes. That’s when you know it’s time to find a new guy.

When looking at a bag of reggies, the color ranges from brown to dark green due to poor growing conditions. Male plants may have been allowed to mix with females, making the weed somewhere between the color of hemp and cannabis.

Similarly, when you look at regs, you will see slim to no visible trichomes or hairs. A shiny coat is viewed as a sign of potency and flavor by many connoisseurs. Like we mentioned earlier there will be more stems and seeds than you’d see with even mid-grade weed.

Be on the look out; shady dealers will dress up their bad weed to increase the bag appeal. The worst dealers may even use crushed glass or detergent to fake the appearance of kief. You do not want any of that going into your throat and lungs. Fortunately, there are ways to check if you’re smoking pure weed.

Final Hit: What are Reggies?

What Are Reggies And How Can You Spot Them?

What are reggies? Simply put, reggies are poorly grown, low-quality weed. Now that you know how to identify regs you can avoid them or at least pay a fair price for it. We’d rank reggies above “schwag” and below “mids.”

Schwag can be an untended wild weed plant picked from nature. Mids aren’t as potent or smelly as high-grades, but they’re passable with some visible trichomes and a lighter green color than reggies. Know what you’re smoking, so you don’t get stuck with low-grade bud.

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