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What Is Schwag Weed?

What Is Schwag?


What Is Schwag Weed?

What is schwag weed, you ask? Hopefully you’ll never find out.

What is schwag weed? If you’re new to cannabis culture, you’ve probably heard the word tossed around. You’ve probably seen people shaking their head in disgust or disappointment, complaining about “schwag weed.”

Going on about how it couldn’t even get an ant high. Maybe you made a note-to-self to avoid buying or smoking schwag. But would you recognize it if you saw it? This guide will tell you everything you need to know. Who knows, you may end up liking it. There’s no accounting for taste.

What is Schwag Weed?

What Is Schwag Weed?

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Schwag has a meaning apart from weed lexicon, which you know if you’ve ever been handed out free stuff. In that case, schwag means the cheap, free stuff companies use for promotional purposes at fairs and conferences and such.

And that definition resonates with the meaning of schwag weed. As in, you can’t give away enough of it.

So what is schwag weed? Just the lowest grade weed you can imagine. I mean, miserable stuff. Leafy, dry, brown, seed-ridden, and worst of all, weak. With schwag weed, THC levels drop perilously low.

Make sure you don’t confuse schwag with shake. Shake just refers to whatever falls off of dried flower in the bottom of the bag. So shake is only as good as the weed it comes from. Schwag, on the other hand, is never good.

Let’s describe schwag according to the five senses. Senses it leaves in utter disappointment.

  • You won’t see any glittering trichomes on schwag weed.
  • It won’t leave your fingertips sticky when you break it apart.
  • It’ll smell like compost if it smells like anything at all.
  • And the taste will leave basically everything to be desired.
  • The sound? Just the coughing and groaning you’ll hear after every hit of the stuff.

Where Does Dirt Weed Come From?

What Is Schwag?

We’re basically living in the golden age of cannabis. Despite federal prohibitions, eight states have legalized recreational weed and business is booming.

And so are things in R&D. Growers and cultivators are producing more and more potent strains of weed all the time. Because that’s what consumers want: strong marijuana. And flavorful, fresh, attractive buds don’t hurt.

The point is, no one needs to smoke schwag weed. There’s plenty of affordable, good flower out there. So where does schwag come from?

Stereotypically—and that’s because Mexico actually grows some awesome herb—”schwag” weed refers to cheap weed grown in Mexico and smuggled into the United States.

The journey isn’t kind. Not that the weed was that kind, to begin with. But schwag weed is usually densely packed and overly dry. Chances are, it was cut too early or too late. It’s very likely loaded with pesticide residue. And it’s seedy, leafy nature only gets worse with time.

What Makes It So Terribly Bad?

What Is Schwag Weed?

Now that you know the basic answer to the question, what is schwag weed, it’s time to dig a little deeper. In particular, with all the high-potency bud out there, what makes schwag so bad?

The answer is deceptively simple: money. The bottom line is profit. The desire to make a quick buck is what compels some growers to mass-produce low-quality herb.

When all you have to do is throw some seeds in the dirt and water them, you probably aren’t putting lots of care into the rest of the process. Instead, you’re cutting the crop early, hanging it in the sun to dry, roughly stripping off whatever is passable as toke-worthy, and tossing it in a trash compactor to brick.

But if you can grow it cheaply and quickly, sell it for a bit cheaper, and the demand exists, for some, all the time and effort may not be worth it.

Even if it sells for less per pound, it’s possible to grow fields of dirt weed with minimal care. Tons of product without a lot of work? That can be a money-making formula, for sure.

Can You Grow Good Weed From Schwag Seeds?

What Is Schwag Weed?

If you’re someone who likes to see the silver-lining in things, you might consider trying to grow your own weed with all the seeds that came with your bag of crappy weed.

This raises the perennial question of nature vs. nurture. Is schwag weed bad in the genetics, or is it just grown so neglectfully that it never lived up to its full potential?

Truly, there’s only one way to know for sure. And it’s conceivable that under ideal conditions, your homegrown seeds could produce significantly better weed than trash-compactor-grade stuff.

Final Hit: What Is Schwag Weed? And What Should You Do With It?

What Is Schwag Weed?

So now you know the answer to the question, what is schwag weed? But maybe you’ve got some on your hands and are wondering what to do with it.

There’s only one real choice. Smoke it. And lots of it. By definition, you’ll have to smoke significant amounts of it to get any kind of pleasurable effects. Then again, all that smoke inhalation could lead to headaches and a sore throat.

Despite all that, however, some avid cannabis consumers find they have a soft spot for the schwag.

They have their reasons. If you smoke a lot throughout the day, having a lower-intensity, much cheaper type of weed makes some financial sense. Then again, taking just a few hits off of some really strong flower might stretch your dollar just as far.

Other folks like the sociability of it. The process of de-seeding and rolling massive blunts and joints for a party does have its appeal. There does seem to be something uniquely low-key about low-quality herb.

Maybe it fits your niche, but if not, no worries. You’re allowed to like the potent weed.

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