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The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420


The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

If you want to celebrate 420 like a true cannasseur, you need the right gear. Using only the best cannabis products will help you get the most out of your weed experiences. The cannabis products on this list will elevate your 420 celebrations to entirely new highs.

Best Grinder: Lift Innovations

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A fully redesigned grinder for super smooth action.
How much it costs: $78-$120
Why we like it: With a few simple changes, Lift Innovations has completely revolutionized the entire concept of a weed grinder.

Traditional grinders use aluminum teeth to grind up your herb. But there are a couple of problems with this. For one, they end up mulching your weed rather than finely chopping it.

And second, all that smashing damages your bud, disturbing the trichomes and getting your grinder gunked up with resin.

But Lift Innovations avoids all that. The company’s grinder uses an elegant new cutting system. It’s spinning stainless steel blade slices bud cleanly and uniformly.

The result is finely chopped weed and a grinder that doesn’t get clogged. To make things even better, you can swap out interchangeable sifting screens to control the size of your chopped herb.

And finally, the rounded out pollen catcher makes it easier than ever before to scoop out that leftover kief.

All in all, this grinder is well worth the money. You won’t realize how annoying your old school grinder is until you try this one. Lift Innovations is showing the world how far the cannabis products industry has come.

Best Portable Vaporizer: PAX 3

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A sleek portable vaporizer for concentrates and flower.
How much it costs: $275
Why we like it: The PAX 3 is setting the standard when it comes to portable vaporizers. For starters, it’s dual-use so that you can vape both concentrates and flower.

But the PAX 3 shines when it comes to design and ease of use. By avoiding buttons, protruding mouthpieces, or any other bulky features, the geniuses at PAX have created a super sleek vaporizer. In fact, this is one of the most stylish cannabis products you will find anywhere.

It’s easy to slide into your pocket for discreet, on-the-go puffing. And it looks cool as hell. When you puff on this vape, you feel like you’ve been transported to the future.

Ultimately, the PAX 3 is designed to give you the best possible cannabis experience. It’s easy to use temperature control lets you select from four different settings.

Lower settings produce a vapor that is cool, gentle, and full of terpy flavor, while higher settings give you thick, rich clouds of vapor. Either way, puffing a PAX 3 is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Best Desktop Vaporizer: The Herbalizer

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A futuristic vape that will get you high AF.
How much it costs: $500
Why we like it: The Herbalizer seems to have one mission in life: to help you feel good. And it will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Load up some bud and use the controls to dial in the precise temperature you want. Then sit back and marvel as the egg-shaped unit quietly and quickly heats up.

When you’ve got the right temp, you can use either a balloon or a hose to vape. The Herbalizer’s evenly-heated oven produces clouds of vapor that are smooth, clean, cool, full of terps, and loaded with cannabinoids.

You choose the experience you have, and the Herbalizer delivers. If you want a low-key sesh focused on scent and flavor, go with a lower temperature. But if you’re looking to get completely silly, crank up the temp and go crazy.

The Herbalizer can also vaporize other, non-weed essential oils. You can use this feature when you want some aromatherapy, but you don’t want to get high.

Best Cultivation Product: MightyGrow Organic Nutrients Starter Kit

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: Plant food that will change how you grow cannabis from the soil up.
How much it costs: $99
Why we like it: Cannabis products are not limited only to smoking or vaping. There are also products out there designed to help you grow better weed.

The makers of MightyGrow Organic Nutrients know what makes plants happy. They understand that it’s not just about feeding your cannabis plants; it’s also about feeding the soil.

In fact, farmers and gardeners around the world are beginning to focus more than ever before on cultivating rich, dynamic, healthy soil.

It all stems from the fact that soil is not inert. It’s full of life: bugs, worms, and millions of microorganisms. When all of these organisms are happy and healthy, they work together to create a fertile place for you plants to grow.

The growing gurus at MightyGrow Organic Nutrients know this, and they have created a line of products that feeds both your cannabis plants and your soil.

The result is happy, healthy, strong cannabis plants that will produce tons of potent buds.

Best Edible: Punch Bar

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: Hard-hitting line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars.
How much it costs: $20
Why we like it: Our list of cannabis products would be incomplete if it did not take edibles into consideration. Punch Bar edibles are no joke, and just as the name suggests, these things will hit you hard.

The line of edibles comes in a variety of potency levels and flavors. You can get bars that have 225 mg of THC or 150 mg of THC.

Or, if you are looking for medicine without the high, you can go with their “C-90” bar, which has 90 mg of pure CBD.

On top of selecting your potency level, you can choose from tons of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter dark chocolate, and more.

Each bar is divided into nine small squares for easier dosing. There is no way to go wrong. Whichever bar you choose will taste great and will give you a hard-hitting dose of cannabinoids.

For 420, go with one of their THC bars, and you will be sky high. In fact, there’s a decent chance you will wake up the next day still high.

Best Bong: Mobius Micro Matrix II

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A sleek-looking water pipe with incredible water filtration.
How much it costs: $300-$350
Why we like it: The glassmakers at Mobius have come up with a big-time winner with the Mobius Micro Matrix II.

This bong uses a matrix perc — sometimes also called a stereo perc — to enhance its water filtration. This type of perc features a grid of holes through which air passes to form bubbles.

Bongs that use matrix percs have a couple of key benefits. The most practical one is that all those bubbles produce smoke that is cooler, cleaner, and smoother-hitting than smoke from standard bongs.

But this piece isn’t only functional. The best cannabis products also take style into consideration, and the Micro Matrix II comes through when it comes to style points. When you hit this bong’s matrix perc, it creates a huge stack of bubbles that looks dope as sh*t.

The Mobius Micro Matrix II packs this filtration technology into a sleek, beautiful piece of glass. It’s just the right size: big enough to get the job done but not too big or clunky.

This piece looks great and works even better. Bust this out at your 420 party and earn some instant cannabis cred.

Best THC Cartridge: Brass Knuckles

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: Pure, tasty, potent THC.
How much it costs: $60
Why we like it: Brass Knuckles produces THC cartridges for the serious smoker.

The company is owned by rapper-turned-cannabis-mogul Xzibit, and it prides itself on turning out seriously top-shelf product.

From start to finish, Brass Knuckles THC cartridges deliver. Each cartridge is loaded with enough THC to send you and all your friends to the stratosphere this 420.

Along the way, you’ll also enjoy the pure taste of each different strain. If you are into fruit-tasting strains, they’ve got strains like Banana OG and Blueberry. If you want something less fruity, try Blue Dream or Skywalker OG.

To top it all off, the tasty, THC-heavy doses each cartridge produces are delivered through a perfectly designed mouthpiece. It is wide enough to provide great airflow, which means that each and every hit will give you a thick lungful of vapor.

Best Pipe: Fumo Pipe

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A compact pipe that uses a cooling chamber and push-button carb to deliver tons of smooth smoke.
How much it costs: $90-$110
Why we like it: Any list of top cannabis products would be incomplete if it did not include some sort of hand held pipe. The Fumo Pipe has breathed new life into this category.

The main component of this piece is a metal cooling chamber that feeds into a polycarbonate tube and mouthpiece. To use the Fumo, pack your herb into the bowl, spark up, and draw in through the mouthpiece. As you inhale, the smoke is pulled down into the metal cooling chamber before passing into the tube.

As soon as there is enough smoke in the tube, simply press the carb button, and the smoke will rush into your lungs. The Fumo consistently delivers smooth smoke, thanks to its innovative cooling chamber.

The pipe can also be customized to give you the precise smoking experience you’re after. If you want to cool the smoke, even more, toss the cooling chamber in the freezer before using it. This will give you some of the smoothest smoke you’ve ever tasted.

You can also swap out the standard three-inch smoke tube for six-, nine-, twelve-, and even eighteen-inch tubes. This lets you turn your Fumo Pipe into a massive steamroller.

Finally, when you are done using your Fumo, you can quickly take it apart for easy cleaning. From start to finish, this pipe is easy and fun to use, and it makes smoking weed from a pipe extra enjoyable.

Best Multi-Tool: RYOT Multi Utility Tool

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A multi-tool designed to meet all your weed smoking needs.
How much it costs: $49
Why we like it: Think about the RYOT Multi Utility Tool like the Swiss Army Knife of the cannabis products world. It has everything you would ever need, and it’s all packaged in a compact unit that’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

Here’s a rundown of all the tools the RYOT includes:

  • Scooper
  • Concentrate fork
  • Curved spoon
  • Grinder
  • Bottle opener
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Detail hook
  • Poker
  • Flat scoop
  • Tamper

No matter how you are consuming cannabis, the RYOT multi-tool has you covered. Whether you are cutting up nugs to pack a bowl, scraping out concentrates for a dab, or finishing off a J, the RYOT has the perfect tool.

Once you start using this multitool, you will find yourself bringing it with you wherever you go. The RYOT could very well become your next best friend.

Best Topical: Foria Pleasure

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: Cannabis lube designed to spice up your sex life.
How much it costs: $76
Why we like it: Here’s all the explanation you need. Sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman described cannabis lubes as a way to “get your clitoris high.”

When it comes to cannabis lubricants, nothing is better than Foria Pleasure. The folks at Foria made the lube with women in mind.

The company also makes Foria Relief vaginal suppositories to ease menstrual pains. And most recently, the company began selling Foria Explore suppositories. These are designed to enhance anal sex.

It’s no secret that getting high makes sex better. Foria Pleasure gives you a new, more direct way to tap into the aphrodisiac powers of weed.

Best Dab Rig: MiniNail

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: An easy-to-use enail that lets you dial in the perfect temperature.
How much it costs: $300
Why we like it: Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular. If you have never tried it, put it at the top of your 420 to-do list.

The only challenge is that dabbing requires some additional equipment. But that’s where MiniNail comes in. The company specializes in making easy-to-use, precision dabbing gear.

Their big seller is a basic electronic nail that lets you select the perfect temperature so you can have the ideal dabbing experience. Low temp dabbing to maximize flavor, high temps for thick and heady vapor.

But MiniNail offers more than just the nail. You can get your entire dabbing rig all set up and shipped to you straight from the company’s website.

If you have any interest in adding dabs to your cannabis repertoire, check out MiniNail first.

Best Travel Gear: Skunk

The Best Cannabis Products To Celebrate 420

What it is: A line of bags, carrying cases, and backpacks that will mask the smell of your weed.
How much it costs: $15-$199
Why we like it: Traveling with weed is a constant struggle. Hardcore smokers are always looking for new cannabis products that will help them sneak their herb onto buses, trains, and airplanes.

But now, the folks at Skunk have come up with the ultimate solution. Their line of bags features the company’s patented “Skunk Air-Flow” system.

The fabric of these bags utilizes a combination of silver nylon fiber and what Skunk describes as “high potency activated carbon technology.”

The carbon textiles used in these cases and bags traps, filters, and neutralizes odors and chemicals so that nothing passes into or out of the bag. Now you can pack your herb with you wherever you go without attracting any unwanted attention.

On top of being functional, these bags also look great. Most of Skunk’s cannabis products have square-shaped, somewhat boxy profiles, and while that might not be everyone’s favorite design, it does create tons of room for packing your stuff.

Skunk makes everything from small carrying cases to backpacks and even full-sized duffle bags. Whatever your travel needs, Skunk has you covered. You and your weed.

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