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The 5 Best Cures for Cottonmouth

5 Best Cures for Cottonmouth


The 5 Best Cures for Cottonmouth

Anyone that consumes cannabis knows that cottonmouth is inevitable. Here is a bunch of simple ways to combat the pesky side effect.

Anyone that consumes cannabis knows that cottonmouth is pretty much inevitable. Whether you smoke, vape, or eat your weed, you’re always at risk of dry mouth. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of simple ways to combat the pesky side effect. We’ll go over the science behind it and the best cures for cottonmouth.

What is Cottonmouth?

The medical term for cottonmouth is Xerostomia. While it is overall pretty harmless, leaving dry mouth untreated can lead to some annoying symptoms. For example, it can result in bad breath and even a sore throat.

Some people assume it’s the dryness of the smoke that causes a mouth to dry out. However, eating an edible will eventually lead to the same effect. So, what causes cottonmouth exactly?

According to a scientific study, salivary secretion in the submandibular gland is inhibited by the activation of cannabinoid receptors. Ingesting THC or CBD activates those receptors and the gland stops salivating.

With this in mind, we need saliva in our mouth. It’s not just there for show, saliva protects our mouths from bacteria and protects teeth. So, you should use the best cures for cottonmouth to restore whatever moisture you can to your mouth.

Here are the best cures for cottonmouth

1. Drink More Water

Once it hits even gulping down water doesn’t seem to cure cottonmouth. The best way to avoid it is by being prepared for it. This means doing your best to stay hydrated at all times. You don’t have to chug gallons of water, just sips throughout the day. Keep this up and you’ll notice your mouth isn’t as dry as usual after getting high.

2. Cottonmouth Candy

For those who prefer beverages with more flavor, there are ways to cure cottonmouth without water. In fact, there is candy designed just to do exactly that. To be honest, just about any hard candy or sugarless gum will get you salivating again. Keep some gum or jolly ranchers on you when you’re smoking on the go. That way you can keep your mouth moist even if you run out of water.

3. Humidifier

This one only applies indoors but you can drastically decrease the dryness in your mouth by keeping the air moist. If you already have one laying around, run your humidifier when you’re getting high. Even if you don’t have one you can just inhale the steam from a hot shower or boiling water.

4. Dry Mouth Mouthwash

There is mouthwash designed just to combat dry mouth! If you’re a regular cannabis user you probably have cottonmouth on the daily. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have dry mouth mouthwash handy instead of the regular stuff. If you need fast relief, this is one of the best cures cottonmouth.

5. Breathe Through Your Nose

A good habit to have as a cannabis consumer is breathing through the nose. Mouth-breathing allows moisture to escape. So by making a habit of breathing through your nose will decrease the chances of drying your mouth out. At the very least, your cottonmouth won’t be as bad as it could be. If you’re having difficulties breathing through your nose because of congestion step 3 can help.

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