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Flintts Mints: A Cure for Cannabis Cotton Mouth That Actually Works

Flintts Mints: A Cure for Cannabis Cotton Mouth That Actually Works
Photo Courtesy of Flintts Mints


Flintts Mints: A Cure for Cannabis Cotton Mouth That Actually Works

The only cotton mouth cure to rival a bottle of water.

Cotton mouth is one of the few potential downsides to consuming cannabis. And a bad case of dry mouth can quickly become a big annoyance.

While there are a number of standard workarounds—things like sucking on hard candies, chewing gum, gargling mouth wash, and more—there have not been any reliable, consistent, go-to remedies. Until now.

Introducing Flintts Mouthwatering Mints. These new hard candy mints bring together a number of plant-based ingredients to combat cotton mouth—and much more.

Introducing Flintts Mouthwatering Mints

Photo Courtesy of Flintts Mints

Sucking on a Flintts Mint is a unique experience. Most immediately, it tastes like a hard candy mint—flavorful but not too sweet. But after a few seconds, you’ll notice your mouth starting to water.

And while that’s basically the main point of these mints, that’s only half the experience.

As your mouth starts salivating and relieving your cotton mouth dryness, you will soon notice your tongue and mouth starting to tingle, almost to the point of feeling slightly numb. Eventually, that tingling grows into a full-on effervescence that energizes and wakes up your entire mouth.

Flintts Mints will most definitely take care of your post-sesh cotton mouth. But they also deliver a whole lot more.

Ultimately, Flintts Mints pack a serious punch, from the smooth taste to the mouth watering effects, to the one-of-a-kind, electrifying, tingling sensations. Who knew eating a mint could be such a multi-sensory experience?

The Secret Behind Flintts Mints

Flintts Mints: A Cure for Cannabis Cotton Mouth That Actually Works
Photo Courtesy of Flintts Mints

If you’ve ever eaten a Sichuan button—also commonly known as buzz buttons, electric daisies, or spilanthes—you will recognize the experience of eating a Flintts Mint.

And for good reason. It turns out that spilanthes is main active ingredient in the mints.

Typically, eating a spilanthes flower quickly becomes a very intense experience. Often too intense.

But the makers of Flintts Mints have combined their spilanthes extract with a number of other plant-based ingredients to both temper the intensity of the buzz buttons and to give the final product a pleasant taste.

The company calls this proprietary blend of spilanthes extract and other natural, plant-based ingredients “SatoriPlus Distillate.”

As described on the Flintts Mints website: “SatoriPlus Distillate activates the Mouthwatering Principle on contact with the tongue. At the point of contact, Flintts also create an intriguing effervescence, which are termed Sparkling Flavor-tones.”

To further help you temper and fine-tune your Flintts Mints experience, the makers of the mints have created their own system for ranking the potency of each type of mint, called “F strength.”

According to the company, the F strength scale runs from 100 to 1000, with 100 being the most mellow and 1000 being the most intense. The F strength rating of each mint flavor refers both to how much your mouth will salivate and the strength of the tingly sensations you’ll feel.

Currently, there are three varieties of Flintts Mints. For starters, the cherry flavor is the mildest, with an F strength of 150. Then there’s the mint flavor, with an F strength of 200. And finally, the most potent is the 250-F-strength lemon flavor.

The company currently sells each flavor on its own, or you can buy a packet of each in the variety pack.

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