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What The F&%$ Is Cannasap?

What The F&%$ Is Cannasap?


What The F&%$ Is Cannasap?

What The F&%$ Is Cannasap?

The world of cannabis concentrates is going through some serious evolutionary changes. If you are not regularly keeping tabs on what’s going on, you’ll probably be surprised at how many options are on your local dispensary’s menu. One of the newest concentrates to hit the market is “cannasap.”

What Is Cannasap?

Cannasap Is Innovation

Cannasap is a new type of cannabis concentrate that was invented by cannabis company Native Roots. The company runs a line of dispensaries in Colorado. It also makes a bunch of other products, and cannasap is quickly becoming one of its most popular.

Put simply, cannasap is a super clean and potent concentrate. Native Roots describes it as “high-quality shatter and wax melted down to create a smooth blend of strain specific as well as mixed indica, sativa, and hybrid saps.”

But that description doesn’t explain it very thoroughly. So let’s break it down a little bit more.

To make this concentrate, Native Roots starts out with a BHO extract. In that process, butane is pressed through cannabis plant material.

As it passes through, the butane pulls out all sorts of cannabinoids. And when we’re talking about cannasap, the most important cannabinoid is obviously THC.

After the extraction is complete, the butane evaporates out. This leaves behind a pure form of cannabis concentrate that is usually waxy or hard.

Once the concentrate is made, Native Roots then melts it down into a liquid form. It’s infused into a vapable form of coconut oil.

Cannasap was designed to be used in 510-thread vape cartridges. It works best with the N-Pen, which is Native Roots’ take on a vape pen. But you can just as easily use it in any other 510-thread pen.

What Cannasap Has To Offer

What The F&%$ Is Cannasap?

This concentrate offers fans a couple of key benefits. For one, it’s supposed to be clean and tasty.

Most vape oils use propylene glycol, which some consumers say is less pure than other carriers. By using vapable coconut oil instead, cannasap delivers rich, terpy, and healthy vapor.

The other thing people like about cannasap is that it tends to be fairly efficient. When you buy it, the concentrate comes in small 1/2 gram bottles that you then use to fill a 510-thread cartridge.

Many users say that a drop or two is plenty for a single sesh and that a 1/2 gram cartridge tends to go a long way.

That’s good because if there is one complaint about cannasap, it’s cost. A 1/2 gram of the stuff can be significantly more expensive than other types of concentrates.

The Final Hit

Taking all this into consideration, cannasap is definitely worth a shot — especially if you are into concentrates.

Native Roots makes it as a strain-specific concentrate. The company has made it out of a number of sativas, indicas, and hybrids, which means you can target the precise experience you’re after.

If you want terpy concentrates for recreational uses, there are planty of choices. And there are just as many options if you’re looking for a new way to dose your medical marijuana.

This is also a must-try for anyone interested in staying up to date with the concentrates scene.

Expect cannabis companies to continue coming up with new extraction methods, new types of concentrates, and new delivery systems. Give this one a try and see how this latest innovation stacks up against your other favorite concentrates.

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