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How To Buy Weed If You’re Over 50

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50


How To Buy Weed If You’re Over 50

Are you a senior interested in trying cannabis (again), but don’t know where to turn? This simple guide will show you how to buy weed if you’re over 50.

At first blush, most would think that people over 50 were the people smoking weed the least. We tend to assume cannabis culture is something that’s appealing only to younger generations. But it turns out that more Americans over 50 are smoking weed than at any time in recent memory. This means that it’s more important than ever to know how to buy weed if you’re over 50.

Ask around, and it seems that most of you have appealed to your children or younger relatives for a hookup. Then again, you might not feel comfortable asking your family members for cannabis. But since so many Americans now live in weed-legal states, you don’t have to. This guide, tailored to the specific needs of people 50 and older, offers advice and guidance on how to buy weed if you’re over 50.

How To Buy Weed If You’re Over 50

Congratulations. You are one of the fastest growing groups of cannabis consumers. In fact, there are more people over 50 consuming cannabis now than ever before.

Maybe you’re returning to the habits of your youth for a little fun and relaxation. Or maybe you’ve read up on the enormous medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis for older adults. Whether you’re retreading familiar turf or trying cannabis for the first time, here’s how to buy weed if you’re over 50.

Step 1: Find A Dispensary or Store That Caters To An Older Demographic

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50

Many dispensaries and storefronts feel like a young person’s game. They offer ultra-potent strains and edible products geared toward a recreational customer base.

But some savvy marijuana entrepreneurs have keyed in on the rapidly expanding senior market. They cater to older patients by focusing on education and prioritizing outreach.

Many folks over 50 are returning to cannabis after a long hiatus. And cannabis products have dramatically changed, even in the past couple decades. Strains are stronger, more potent, and more specialized.

All of that can get overwhelming if you’re new to cannabis. Besides, mega doses of THC are not what most seniors are looking for. If that’s what dispensaries are hyping, older customers may be turned off.

Dispensaries should go out of their way to make folks over 50 feel relaxed, comfortable, and informed. Many seniors have no idea that there are smoke-less options for consuming cannabis, or that there are certain strains devoted to medicinal use.

Step 2: Talk To Your Doctor About A Medical Marijuana Recommendation

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50

Today, 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical cannabis in some form or another. As a senior, there’s an extremely high chance that you qualify as a medical cannabis patient in your state.

And while some seniors may desire to hitch their wagons to the recreational caravan, the potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis are what attract the majority of older customers.

So if you’re over 50, talk to your doctor about a medical marijuana recommendation. And if they’re not willing or able to do that—some physicians have been slow to adopt medical marijuana—search out caregivers and medical cannabis groups that will help you take matters into your own hands.

Speaking with your physician about your marijuana use is important, especially if you’re over 50. Since folks over 50 often take prescription medication, it’s very important to know how cannabis might interact with your other meds.

Step 3: Learn About The Cannabis Products That Are Best For You

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50

Easily the most crucial part of knowing how to buy weed if you’re over 50 is understanding which cannabis products are best for you.

Here’s a concise overview of the main categories of products you’ll likely be interested in.

Smoke-less cannabis products

The days when you had to exclusively smoke your weed are over. Today, there are edibles, tinctures, oils, and even topical cannabis preparations. Vaporizing cannabinoids, called “vaping,” is also another easy-on-the lungs way to consume weed.

CBD Products

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the main active chemicals in marijuana. Numerous studies have identified the multiple medical benefits of CBD.

Among other applications, CBD can reduce inflammation, protect nerves, and reverse nerve damage. Importantly, CBD has zero psychoactive effects. This makes it ideal for seniors who want the medical benefits of cannabis but aren’t interested in getting “stoned.”

Low-THC Products

Very recently, studies have shown that older individuals who take a small dose of THC everyday show improved memory and cognition. One study, published this June in Nature Medicine, found that THC can reverse age-related declines in brain function (at least in mice).

THC is the psychoactive complement to CBD, and it has its own therapeutic benefits. While recreational users seek out high-THC products to get as high as possible, low-THC strains and edibles are perfect for seniors looking for a light buzz.

Step 4: Skip The Dispensary and Deliver Cannabis Right To Your Door

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50

There are certainly advantages to buying your weed from a certified dispensary or retail store. But as mobility is sometimes a concern for folks over 50, many dispensaries and other weed companies offer delivery services.

Although delivery services often operate in a legal gray area, they can be very beneficial caregiving programs. Delivery-only medical marijuana collectives exist, and some specialize in home deliveries to older customers.

Home delivery is a great way for people over 50 to get private, one-on-one guidance on how to buy and use cannabis. Some services even offer a “smoke buddy” who can provide information and companionship for older cannabis users.

Step 5: Take the DIY Approach and Grow Your Own Weed

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50

If you’ve got some time on your hands, growing your own marijuana can be an excellent alternative to figuring out how to buy weed if you’re over 50. Many seniors enjoy gardening in their golden years, so why not grow some cannabis plants?

Growing cannabis for medicinal purposes is an excellent way to stay active. It’ll also help you develop a more intimate, personal relationship with your natural medicine.

You’ll also save a few pennies on the dispensary markup, and you can share your flower with fellow seniors, your family, friends, even your neighbors!

For seniors with fixed incomes, finding affordable cannabis can be a challenge. Try to connect with groups of cultivator-caregivers that can help support your transition (back) to cannabis.

The Final Hit: How To Buy Weed If You’re Over 50

How To Buy Weed If You're Over 50

Hopefully, this guide helped show you how easy it is to buy weed if you’re over 50. The most important thing is to realize you are not alone! Take confidence from the fact that there are marijuana caregivers out there who specialize in your specific needs as a senior.

So just to recap, here’s how to buy weed if you’re over 50:

  1. Find dispensaries, growers, and caregivers that cater to the needs of your demographic.
  2. Talk to your doctor about your interest in medical weed and find out how cannabis might interact with your other medications.
  3. Learn about the high-CBD, low-THC, smokeless cannabis products that are right for you.
  4. Skip the dispensary altogether and go with a home delivery service.
  5. Enjoy some time outdoors and grow your own cannabis.

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