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How To Smoke A Bubbler

How To Smoke A Bubbler


How To Smoke A Bubbler

Bubbler Basics

Think of the bubbler as the mini-me of bongs. It’s still the same idea: smoke is cooled through water for a smooth hit. Just smaller and easier to set up and use. What you gain in convenience, you lose in size, as in that you can’t fit as much in there, but it’s a handy way to get a clean, filtered taste. This is everything you need to know to get the right one for you. And how to smoke with your bubbler. Read and learn.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Bubbler

Are you a couch potato or always on the go? The two basic styles of bubblers are the classic bubbler, an upright mini bong, and the smaller spoon bubbler, a spoon pipe with a water chamber.

Classic bubblers stand upright, with the bowl directly above the water chamber. They’ve got a classic look and deliver a nice, smooth smoke.

If portability is more important, you’ll love spubblers. Spoon bubblers are slightly larger than an average spoon pipe. That’s because they’ve got a horizontal water chamber built into the stem. Spubblers are easier to take with you. But they can be finicky when it comes to getting water levels right.

Step 1: Add Water

How To Smoke A Bubbler

The first step is to fill the water chamber with water. You can pour water through the mouthpiece, bowl, or carb. But it’s easiest to use the bowl.

The best method is to use a syringe to squirt water through the bowl and directly into the water chamber. That way you won’t spill or splash. You can also use a regular sink. Just turn it to low and carefully fill up the water chamber.

Step 2: Check Your Water Level

How To Smoke A Bubbler

Now it’s time to see if you got the right amount of water into your bubbler. To do this, just act like you’re taking a regular hit. Put your thumb over the carb and draw through the mouthpiece. The water should begin to bubble. Now remove your thumb and keep drawing in.

Is the water splashing up into your mouth? Is it bubbling the entire time? If you have the right amount of water, it should make a hollow, bubbling sound. And it shouldn’t be overflowing into either the bowl or your mouth.

If it does splash into the bowl or your mouth, just dump some water out and give it another test draw. You want as much water as you can, but without any of it splashing out of the water chamber. Getting your water level right will give you the best possible smoking experience.

Step 3: Clean and Pack the Bowl

How To Smoke A Bubbler

Before packing any herb, use a cloth or paper towel to wipe out any water in your bubbler’s bowl. This is where you’ll be sparking your weed, so you want it to be completely dry.

Now go ahead and break apart your nugs. Use a grinder, scissors, or your hands. You can also check out our guide for making your own homemade grinder. Once you’ve got a nice pile of ground up weed, carefully pack it into your bowl.

Step 4: Spark Up

How To Smoke A Bubbler

OK, now it’s time to spark up. Hold the bubbler in one hand with your thumb over the carb. Put your mouth to the mouthpiece and start to draw in.

With the other hand, spark your lighter or light your hemp wick. Apply the flame to the bud. Go at an angle so that you burn only a portion of the bud at a time. This will give you as many fresh, green puffs as possible.

While the bud burns, keep drawing in. By now your bubbler should be happily gurgling, and the entire thing should be filling up with smoke.

Step 5: Clear the Smoke

How To Smoke A Bubbler

When there’s enough smoke built up inside your bubbler, remove your thumb from the carb. Give it one final draw through the mouthpiece. As soon as the carb is open, all that beautifully filtered smoke will rush out of your bubbler and into your lungs.

Step 6: Repeat

How To Smoke A Bubbler

Take as many hits as you need to get completely baked. The smoke you get from a bubbler should be much cleaner, smoother, and cooler than what you’d get from a joint, blunt, or spoon pipe.

Step 7: Rinse Out Your Bubbler

How To Smoke A Bubbler

When your sesh is over, dump out the water. Run some warm, clean water through your bubbler. Then dry it off with a rag or just let it air dry.

Once it’s dry, you’re all ready for your next smoke sesh. When you’re ready to puff again, go back to Step 1 and repeat the entire process.

The Science Behind Bubblers

Bubblers use water filtration to give you clean and cool smoke. Here’s how it works.

The heat of the smoke dissipates as it passes through the reservoir of water inside the bubbler. The smoke that comes out is much cooler than when it first came in, straight off the burning herb. This cooler smoke feels less harsh on your lungs. And this makes it a much more mellow smoking experience.

But water doesn’t just cool down the smoke. It also cleans it. That’s because most of the toxins found in smoke will readily dissolve into water. But THC doesn’t. It’s not water soluble at all.

So when cannabis smoke passes through the bubbler, toxins get pulled out by the water and stay behind. Meanwhile, the non-water soluble THC passes right through. The result is smoke that’s full of THC, but that’s been stripped of most of its toxins.

Cleaner Smoke, Safer Smoke

There’s a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that cannabis may have some health benefits. But smoking is probably not the safest way to consume weed.

That’s because, according to the American Lung Association, the smoke of any kind can damage your lungs. And that’s regardless if it’s from burning wood, tobacco, cannabis, or anything else. It’s just not good to expose your lungs to smoke.

But bubblers filter out a lot of those toxins. And cleaner smoke means safer smoke.

The Final Hit

Many cannabis users like using bubblers because of the smoke they produce. It’s smoother, milder, and cleaner. But it’s still as potent as any other cannabis smoke.

Bubblers cool down cannabis smoke and pull out toxins. All of this adds up to an especially enjoyable smoking experience. And since they’re smaller than bongs, bubblers are easier to use, more convenient, and more low-maintenance than a full sized bong.

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