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How To Make A Carrot Pipe

How To Make A Carrot Pipe


How To Make A Carrot Pipe

Carrots are perfect for making homemade pipes. Follow these steps to make a carrot pipe that will impress even the most seasoned weed smoker.

Weed smokers have figured out how to turn all sorts of fruits and vegetables in makeshift pipes. But by far one of the easiest and best ways to do this is to make a carrot pipe. Here’s how.

Make A Carrot Pipe: Getting Started

When you make a carrot pipe, the final product is going to look amazing. That’s because you will be using one portion of the carrot as a separate bowl piece. The rest of the carrot will serve as the body and mouthpiece of your pipe. Here’s what you will need to make a carrot pipe:

  • A carrot. Look for a thick and straight one.
  • A sharp paring knife.
  • Bamboo skewer.
  • And of course, some bud.

Step 1: Make Your Bowl Piece

To get started, use your paring knife to cut off the tip end of your carrot. You will be carving this into a bowl, so you will probably need a couple inches or so. Next, snip off the very tip of your chunk of carrot. To transform this weird piece of carrot into a usable bowl, carefully use your knife to hollow it out. The end result should be a conical-shaped bowl with a larger opening on the top (you will pack weed into this end) and a smaller opening on the bottom (this will rest inside your carrot pipe).

Step 2: Make The Rest of Your Pipe

Now let’s return to the rest of the carrot. For this step, you will use the fatter stem end of the carrot. Cut the carrot in half, so you are left with a chunk of carrot that’s about the same length as a regular spoon pipe.

Poke the bamboo skewer into the flat, cut side of the carrot. Being sure that it is going straight into the center of the carrot, push the skewer through and stop about an inch or so short of popping out the other side. The smoke will eventually travel through the hole you just bored. To ensure that it flows well, run the skewer back and forth, giving it a little twist as you go. You are essentially trying to widen it out a bit and clean it so that nothing obstructs the flow of smoke.

Finally, use your paring knife and, cut a hole straight down into the carrot. Cut it an inch or so away from the fat round end of the carrot. This hole needs to go straight down into the passageway you just hollowed out through the carrot’s center. You will eventually place your bowl piece into this hole. Everything needs to line up correctly so the smoke can freely move from the bowl down into the carrot.

Step 3: Carve Your Mouthpiece

The end of the carrot into which you just poked the skewer is going to be the mouthpiece to your carrot pipe. Now it’s time to grab your paring knife and whittle it down to a shape that perfectly fits your lips. In this step, you are just trying to make your veggie piece fit your mouth better. This is some customized shit, so do whatever you want. As soon as it fits comfortably, you’re good to go.

Step 4: Assemble Your Carrot Pipe

You’re almost there. This next step is when things really start coming together. Take your separate bowl piece, and insert it into the hole you cut toward the fat end of the carrot. Be sure it’s a nice snug fit. If the hole is too big, your bowl will wobble around and you run the risk of spilling your herb. Once it’s positioned correctly, you’re all good and ready to go.

Step 5: Pack It and Puff

Believe it or not, you’re already done. Congratulations, you successfully figured out how to make a carrot pipe. Now it’s as simple as packing up your hand-carved bowl, sparking up, and getting blazed. Use your grinder to grind up your bud. Pack it into the bowl. Use a lighter or some hemp wick to light the bud. Take a drag and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Final Hit

Most of the time when you make a pipe out of fruits or vegetables it’s definitely a one-time use thing. But the carrot pipe is a little different. Since it’s already a hard root, you could technically get away with using it more than once.

With that said, the carrot will definitely start drying out and shriveling up, and eventually, it will get gross. But if you are in a real bind, you could squeeze a couple good uses out of this thing. Of course, this is far from ideal and we wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, it’s probably better to just make another one—especially since it is so easy to make a carrot pipe.

But you don’t need to wait for an emergency to make a carrot pipe. It’s also a good way to mix things up and maybe impress some smoking buddies. If you are just looking for a novel way to light up, a carrot pipe is a perfect choice. Whatever your reasons, making and using a carrot pipe can be a fun, quick, and cheap project.

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