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How To Make An Apple Pipe To Smoke Weed

How To Make An Apple Pipe


How To Make An Apple Pipe To Smoke Weed

If you find yourself stranded with nothing to smoke out of, don’t worry. With these four simple steps you can quickly make an apple pipe, instantly transforming a piece of fruit into a usable pipe.

Creating makeshift pipes is an important skill for any weed smoker, and apples are the best way to do it. Smoking out of apples is an absolute classic move in the world of cannabis culture. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and since apples are such a common fruit, you can pull it off pretty much anywhere. Here’s how to make an apple pipe in four simple steps.

Pipe-Making 101: Pipe Anatomy

How To Make An Apple Pipe

Before we get to the specifics, let’s go over some basic pipe anatomy. This will give you a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish when you sit down to make an apple pipe.

Pipes have four main components:

  • bowl
  • chamber
  • mouthpiece
  • carb

The bowl is where you load the herb. Directly below the bowl is the chamber. This is where all the smoke builds up. The mouthpiece is where you put your mouth to inhale the smoke. And the carb is a small hole that you plug while the pipe is filling up with smoke and then un-plug when you’re ready to clear the chamber.

These are the four main features you will be building into the apple when you turn it into a pipe. In fact, you can do this exact same thing with pretty much any other fruit—as long as it has these features it will work.

How To Make An Apple Pipe

How To Make An Apple Pipe

To make an apple pipe you will need the following:

  • An apple.
  • A pen—remove the ink and everything else. Since you are going to poke it into the apple, you only need the plastic body of the pen.
  • Some bud.
  • A lighter or hemp wick.

Now that you’ve got some basic pipe anatomy in mind, and now that you’ve gathered up your materials, let’s get started.

Step 1: Make The Chamber

How To Make An Apple Pipe

The first thing you need to do is carve out your bowl and create your chamber. To do this, twist off the stem. You will turn the natural depression where the stem used to be into a bowl.

Now take your pen and stab it straight down into the center of the apple. Poke a hole that goes halfway through into the core. This is the chamber for your apple pipe. It’s the channel through which the smoke will travel when you finally spark up. All the other holes you are about to make need to connect with this one, so be sure you go deep enough.

Step 2: Carve Out Your Bowl

How To Make An Apple Pipe

Now that you’ve created your chamber, remove the pen from the center of the apple. Now, work it around where the stem used to be so that you hollow out a bowl-shaped depression into the very top of the apple.

At this point, the bowl should now be big enough to easily hold a good amount of bud, but not so big that all your herb just falls down into the apple’s core. The bowl should also be positioned directly above the chamber, which extends down into the center of the apple.

Step 3: Make The Mouthpiece

How To Make An Apple Pipe

To make the mouthpiece you need to punch another hole into the apple. But this time, it will be in the side of the apple instead of in the top. The key here is to be sure this new hole links up with the chamber in the center of the fruit.

Rotate the apple in your hand and carefully poke the pen into the fruit. Again, be sure that it goes straight into the center of the apple and that it connects to the chamber. This new hole will now be your apple pipe’s mouthpiece.

Step 4: Create The Carb

How To Make An Apple Pipe

The easiest way to make a carb is to simply press the pen the rest of the way through the apple. This ensures that the carb, mouthpiece, and chamber are all connected inside the apple. It will also create a carb that is directly across from the mouthpiece, which will make it easy to hold and use your apple pipe.

Once you’ve pressed the pen all the way through the apple and out the other side, carefully remove it. Be sure all the holes and passages you just carved into the apple are free of debris. You want air and smoke to travel smoothly throughout the entire thing, so clear out any leftover apple chunks that could obstruct your smoke.

Time To Puff

How To Make An Apple Pipe

That’s all there is to it. It’s as easy as that to make an apple pipe. Now it’s time to spark up. Load some ground-up herb into the bowl at the top of the apple. Hold the apple so that your thumb is over the carb and your lips are covering the mouthpiece.

Now use your apple pipe the same way you use any other spoon pipe. Use a lighter or hemp wick to spark the herb while pulling in through the mouthpiece. This pulls all the smoke down into the chamber at the center of the apple. When you’re ready to hit it, remove your thumb from the carb and inhale. All that THC-heavy cannabis smoke will rush out of the chamber, through the mouthpiece, and into your lungs.

Congratulations, you’ve now made your very own apple pipe. Once you master this simple skill, you’ll never be without a pipe again. It’s also a good way to impress your friends at a party.

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