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5 Different Ways To Make A Weed Grinder

5 Ways To Make A Grinder In A Pinch


5 Different Ways To Make A Weed Grinder

Looking for a grinder? What if you simply don’t live near any headshops? Have no fear. This article will show you 5 ways to make a grinder in a pinch.

2. Electric Blender

This one’s another simple and straightforward way to make your weed grinder right at home. Drop your herb into a small electric coffee grinder and grind away until you’ve got the desired consistency.

The only bad thing is that you sometimes need to load a decent amount of weed into the grinder for this work. Sometimes, if you only have a little bit, the grinder’s blade will simply pass right over the top of the bud, leaving it untouched and unchopped. If you run into this problem, you can also try gently shaking the grinder so that the nug moves into the path of the blade.

When you’re done, pour out the herb. And don’t forget to carefully get all the powdery kief that falls off the nug while it’s getting chopped up.

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