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What Is A Marijuana Moon Rock?

Marijuana Moon Rocks: How to take it to the next level


What Is A Marijuana Moon Rock?

Marijuana moon rocks is not an actual strain, it’s just a combination of different marijuana products made to delight cannabis connoisseurs.

A marijuana moon rock is pretty much been the most baller way to smoke your nugs up until now. Marijuana moon rock is not an actual strain, it’s just a combination of different marijuana products made to delight cannabis connoisseurs. Nugs dipped into sticky butane hash oil and rolled into potent kief particles, and it can’t get much better than that. Too bad stoners are never satisfied, we’re always on the hunt for something better.

Marijuana Moon Rock?

Marijuana moon rocks are one of the strongest forms of marijuana anywhere in the world. They usually test for around 50% THC. The average marijuana strain is about 20% THC or lower. So make sure you can handle the potency of marijuana moon rocks before you try to take your marijuana moon rocks game to another level.

A moon rock is also referred to as cannabis caviar, for a good reason. Dispensaries in Colorado have been known to sell different variations on moon rocks for as much as $1,400 an ounce.

First, we’ll show you how to make moon rocks than we’ll show you how to make smoking moon rocks even more potent.

How to take Moon Rocks to another level

Weed hacks

How to Make Moon Rocks

1. Using your fingers, break off a nice size bud. Remember, the more compact the bud, the easier it will be to maneuver.

2. Using a small brush or dropper, drizzle hash oil over the entire bud. You want the bud to be fully covered. However, it should not be dripping.

3. Using the tweezers, pick up the oil coated bud and drop it into the kief powder. Pick up the bud and rotate to make sure all of the sides are evenly coated with a nice layer of kief.

4. Now, set the bud aside to dry.

5. Once thoroughly dried, smoke your marijuana moon rocks and enjoy.

How to smoke a Marijuana Moon Rock

Most people smoke their moon rock through a pipe or bong. You just break off a piece by hand and throw it in the bowl. Running moon rocks through a grinder is probably going to make a mess out of your grinder. You’ll also lose precious product, so it’s best to crush them up with your hands.

Braver souls roll up entire blunts with moon rocks and smoke away.

Moon Rock Level: EXPERT

This is going to seem like something out of Inception but if you want to up your moon rocks game you’re going to need: a moon rock, kief, butane hash oil, and cigar or joint paper.

First, you’ll need to break up your moon rock, so they’re in small enough pieces to be rolled up. Then grab your choice of rolling papers and fill that baby up. Use cigar wraps if you want it to burn slowly. You ought to use a glass filter tip because things are going to get sticky when you smoke that stuff.

If it gets too gunky near the mouthpiece, you’ll no longer get a pull, but this can be easily avoided with a glass tip for smoking. After you’ve loaded up your crushed up moon rocks and filter, roll that bad boy up.

After you’ve rolled up your moon rocks blunt/joint, roll it into butane hash oil, then dip that in kief. Essentially what you have as an end product is a moon rock-filled kief joint. If you want to get even more insane, you can add more layers of kief and oil.

How to take Moon Rocks to another level

Final Hit

If you’re going to try this moonrockception recipe you’d better have some prior experience smoking marijuana moon rocks. Even if you do, you may still find yourself coughing out a lung from the potency of this next level smoke.

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