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15 Reasons Why You Should Date A Stoner

15 Reasons Why You Should Date The Stoner


15 Reasons Why You Should Date A Stoner

Why You Should Date A Stoner

The stoner guy or gal is a hot commodity these days. They have some personality traits that will make you find them sexy as hell. Let us prove to you why you have to date a stoner.

1. Stoners Are Just Downright Sexy

According to a study, people are picking stoners 30% more than they are picking people who smoke tobacco or drink more.

2. They’re Ready To Get Up And Move With Ya

Stoners are far from lazy bones. 18 % of those that want to legalize medical and recreational marijuana identify themselves as athletes or extremely active.

3. They Make The Best Cuddlers

Couples that smoke together enjoy cuddling more because smoking triggers a nerve ending sensation. More reason to Netflix and cuddle.

4. That Stoner Orgasm Though

Cannabis triggers receptors in the brain that give off tactile and euphoric feelings making it easier to orgasm, but also make the orgasm that much stronger. Damn, though.

5. Pot Heads Are More Open To Adventure

Cannabis smokers have an increase in adventurous or extroverted feelings because cannabis creates a release of dopamine into the body that promotes happy feelings.

6. They’re Fit Too

Forget the stereotype of cannabis smokers not being active AF; smokers tend to be low in insulin levels meaning they’ll have a fitter and toned body. Yum.

7. They Have A More Relaxed Outlook On Life

Stoners have remarkably lower levels of anxiety due to the release of dopamine, making them more relaxed when it comes to stress and relationships.

8. Marijuana Smokers Are More Loyal

It’s shown by a scientific study that stoners are more likely to pick the right way, versus the easy way when it comes to staying loyal to their partner. Aw.

9. Male Smokers Can More Easily Get A Boner

Men can significantly lower their cholesterol while smoking cannabis, which is the main reason for not, “getting it up.”

10. Pot Head Ladies Are Less Likely To Freak The Fuck Out During That Time Of The Month

The influx of hormones that a woman stoner gets during their monthly visitor will give trigger feel good responses. Also, all the hormones will make them damn horny! More like the best time of the month.

11. They’ll Munchie It Up With You

Cannabis makes the munchies, and we know you want to eat all the fries and junk food in bed naked with the bae.

12. You’ll Get All The Cannabis Infused Goodies

Cannabis infused tacos? Cannabis infused Nutella? Yes, please!

13. Stoners Have Better Taste In Music Doe

Have you ever had sex to Marley? You can thank us later.

14. People That Smoke Pot Are Less Likely To Have Addictions Elsewhere

Cannabis in a recent study has been shown to reduce addiction because of THC and dronabinol, which can help reduce withdrawal symptoms. Your baby boy or little girl won’t be craving anything but you and ganja.

15. Cannabis Smokers Will Love You More

Marijuana has been used throughout history as a love potion aphrodisiac. Marijuana smokers will have a higher level of intimacy and comfortableness making the love flow. Happily ever after!

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