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Sushi and Weed: Learn How to Roll Both

Sushi and Weed: Learn How to Roll Both


Sushi and Weed: Learn How to Roll Both

Date night in Denver is now better than ever with sushi and weed rolling classes

We know that marijuana can actually strengthen a relationship. Many of you have probably shared a bowl with your significant other before going on date. With this knowledge, and the knowledge of pot’s positive effect on creativity, wouldn’t it be cool if you and your partner could combine weed and artistic innovation? Sure, you could smoke up and take another pottery class, but why not take a risk and branch out into other creative outlets? If you live in the Denver area, or are looking for an excuse to travel to Denver, look no further. Last week, the pioneers of cannabis tourism, My 420 Tours, launched a new class titled “Sushi, Sake, and Joint Rolling.”

If you were looking for some guidance on how to perfectly roll sushi and jays, you’re in luck. Taught by Chef Travis French, each class runs about two hours and is designed for beginners.

So what exactly does each $69 class entail?

Sushi and Weed: Learn How to Roll Both

Basically, everything needed for a fun time, all wrapped up in one neat package. Each participant gets three sushi rolls, two grams of marijuana from Buddy Boy Brands Dispensary, and sake. Plus, an awesome answer to Monday’s question of “What did you do this weekend?”

The classes are held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you’re in the Denver area or embarking on a cannabis vacation (a “cannacation”?), be sure to register early. They’re selling out fast.

My 420 Tours

Sushi and Weed: Learn How to Roll Both

As the legalization of weed makes greater strides in the United States, it only makes sense for more and more people to want to go out and find more friends to toke up with. This class, and other cannabis-centered events, can help people do just that.

My 420 Tours was created in 2013 in Denver, Colorado. While in the beginning the company was small-scale and limited in terms of activities and tours, it soon grew to the extensive business it is today. Thanks to Denver’s progressive attitudes towards marijuana, My 420 Tours is thriving.

In addition to the “Sushi, Sake, and Joint Rolling” class, clients can stay in smoke-friendly hotels, tour grow-ops and dispensaries, and learn proper weed infusion techniques. Oh, and also enjoy pot-friendly transportation and some freebies, like a Buddy Vape Concentrate Pen.

My 420 Tours also has two tours available in Seattle, Washington. As more states legalize recreational marijuana, related businesses will undoubtedly have the chance to flourish and grow. Since destigmatization comes with legalization, more people might choose to indulge in weed instead of alcohol.

Which, of course, could lead to healthier people. And while it’s highly unlikely that the legal cannabis industry would threaten the alcohol industry, it’s nice to be optimistic about a future with healthier options.

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