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How Do I Stop My Joints From Canoeing?

How Do I Stop My Joints From Canoeing?


How Do I Stop My Joints From Canoeing?

You can fix joints when they’re canoeing in the middle of a sesh. We’ll teach you how to paddle on when things start to canoe.

When a joint burns unevenly we call it canoeing. When only one side of the joint burns it leaves an opening on the top side which gives it the appearance of a canoe. Some call it a “joint run” or “running” and it is the joint smokers worst enemy. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent it.

What Causes Canoeing?

The leading cause of canoeing is gaps between the paper and weed. This is why you have to roll your joints tight.

No Gaps

When there is a gap the paper will burn much faster than the rolled up weed. If you notice this happening take action immediately!

Quick fix:

You can tilt the joint so the quick burning side is upside down. Heat rises so it should help even things out.

You can also lick your finger and carefully add a tiny bit of saliva to the fast burning side to slow it down.

If you’ve got cotton mouth you can use water in the place of saliva. No water and cotton mouth? Well, you can use a lighter to burn the slower end until it catches up.

Light The Joint/Blunt Evenly

One way joints end up canoeing is from the way they were sparked. There are ways to prevent this from ever happening.

You want to spin that joint while you burn the paper and weed at the end. Make sure the left and right side of the tip receive even amounts of heat as well.

So spin the joint and move the lighter from left to right making sure no side turns blacker than the other. Once everything looks even you can puff and the whole end should turn red.

If not make sure the side that isn’t turning red gets sparked while you inhale. Unfortunately, it’ll be hard to control the path of your lighters fire when smoking outdoors when it is windy.

Avoid Windy Weather

Even a properly rolled blunt can canoe if it’s too windy outside. A joint will be even worse. If the wind hits one side of the tip it will cause it to burn faster than the other.

That or the joint will go out completely. You won’t have fun relighting that joint over and over during windy weather.

Quick fix:

Smoke in a place that isn’t too exposed to the direction the wind is blowing in. That can be in a gazebo, between buildings, or in a parked car.

You’re better off smoking indoors when there is windy weather or use a different smoking method like a one hitter.

If you are smoking a joint outdoors try adding a little saliva to the faster burning end. You can also light the slow burning side of the paper on fire and put it out once it catches up to the other side.

Final Hit: How To Prevent Canoeing or Running

Nobodies happy when the joint starts to canoe. Your fingers get burned well before the joint is finished. Do everything you can to avoid it before you even start smoking. Once it does happen don’t panic, you can always come back to this guide if you forget what to do.

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