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Can Cannabis Cure The Common Cold?

Can Cannabis Cure The Common Cold?- GREEN RUSH DAILY


Can Cannabis Cure The Common Cold?

The Common Cold

With a cold comes coughing, congestion, a runny nose, and probably more mucus than you thought your body could produce. Having a cold, which affects the key respiratory systems involved in smoking and enjoying cannabis, affects how your body reacts to THC and other cannabinoids, as well as how quickly your body heals from its illness.

Using some common sense, it would seem fairly obvious that, if your throat and lungs are congested and lined with mucous fighting an infection, not only would less smoke be inhaled, but it would also be less efficient.

Overall, TCH will help you feel better temporarily, but the downside is that the smoking itself irritates the lungs and may cause irritation to other body organs as well.

Therefore, when using cannabis with a cold, it’s recommended to take steps to reduce how harsh the smoke is, or to eliminate smoke entirely.

Turn to edibles or vaporizers, which reduce or eliminate smoke completely. Or, try using a bong, bubbler, or diffuser—something that will give the hot cannabis smoke time to chill before you breath it in.

“When I had flu earlier,” says one marijuana user who weighed in on Reddit, “smoking out of a bong or pipe didn’t work for me. I felt dried inside and smoking sort of made things worse.

“But when I switched to the vaporizer it totally helped me with my sickness and I felt less dried up while using it because it wasn’t aggravating my cough.”

It also turns out that smoke not only harms the respiratory system but the immune system as well.

Cannabis smoke has been shown to suppress the immune system. Usually, when people say this, they’re talking about cigarettes, but studies seem to suggest that smoking marijuana has a similar effect.

So while getting stoned may make you feel better immediately, it could slow down the immune system response that’s eventually going to get rid of your cold, leaving you sick longer.

Keeping these factors in mind and expecting to have a less all-around positive experience will prepare you for smoking with a cold.

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