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Can Chronic Anxiety Be Cured With Cannabis?

Can Chronic Anxiety Be Cured With Cannabis?

Cannabis Oil

Can Chronic Anxiety Be Cured With Cannabis?

Chronic Anxiety and Cannabis

Cannabis recently has been linked to helping and alleviating a vast majority of diseases, including mental illness. These mental illnesses include depression, eating disorders, and has now been shown to help people who suffer from chronic anxiety.

Chronic anxiety or Generalized Anxiety Disorder  is extremely common among adults and has symptoms such as constant worry, paranoia, chronic nervousness, or extreme tension. With these generalized symptoms, anxiety is incredibly hard to diagnose, understand, and in certain instances treat.

However, a new study by Vanderbilt University shows that cannabis has specific anxiety relief effects.

When a person smokes cannabis, receptors in the emotional part of the brain that are linked to our, “fight or flight” responses are relaxed. These receptors can be calmed by smoking cannabis and therefore create a relaxing mindset for the person who experiencing anxiety or nervous thoughts.

Cannabis delays our, “fight or flight” reactions and allows the brain to remove itself from a fear like state.

When using cannabis to fight against anxiety, it is important to notice the level of THC and strain of weed you are using.

If you are trying to lower paranoia and anxiety, experts suggests that you should use a cannabis that has a relatively low level of THC. According to science, higher levels of THC create an immediate response of fear and generate a sense of paranoia.

Instead try looking for strains that have a higher balance of CBD, which has been shown to have extreme therapeutic benefits. CBD has the opposite effects of THC, meaning that it alleviates or completely eliminates anxiety.

Cannabis with high levels of CBD, even though it promotes healthy benefits and psychological peace, is only now becoming more popular. Most medicinal marijuanas are extremely high in levels of THC because it is used to treat more physical conditions, such as cancer or seizure disorders.

Therefore, CBD cannabis is only popular in certain medical uses and somewhat hard to find because of the lack of cannabis use for mental illness.

Whether it be high in THC or CBD, cannabis is a much safer drug alternative to mental illness and anxiety. Prescription pills can be extremely addictive and have dangerous side effects, which are not found in cannabis.

The greatest health benefit of using cannabis as a natural reducer of anxiety is that is a natural product.

Over the counter and prescription pills are not designed specifically with the patient’s own body in mind. Therefore, everyone’s reaction to a prescription might be different, and sometimes could in fact be deadly.

However, cannabis is an all natural drug, that is not linked to severe or life threatening side effects.

So if you find yourself suffering from anxious or chronic anxiety, trust research and smoke cannabis as a way to cope.

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