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Cannabis Helped A Combat Veteran Start His Own Weed Business

Cannabis Helped A Combat Veteran Start His Own Weed Business
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Cannabis Helped A Combat Veteran Start His Own Weed Business

The remarkable story of a combat-veteran-turned cannabis connoisseur.

CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has proven time and again, it’s worth in the medical community. In addition to its ability to help with certain mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, the component is also effective in treating physiological disorders like chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and seizures. In fact, theU.S. Food and Drug Administration even approved CBD as for two forms of epilepsy back on June 25th, making it available to said patients in all 50 states.

Naturally, the plethora of new information on CBD has opened up a much larger market for the product, and industry insiders predict a 700 percent growth in CBD sales by 2020. It’s clear that CBD has impacted both medical patients and people involved with the retail sector of the medication.

Sometimes, both.

This is the case with a combat veteran-turned-cannabis connoisseur, whose life was vastly impacted by the burgeoning CBD market.

CBD Helped A Combat Veteran Start His Own Weed Business

According to a report by the Military Times, Craig Henderson, a former army infantryman, began toying with the idea of medical marijuana after his two tours of duty in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. Henderson, who served in 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, began looking into CBD, due to its non-psychoactive effects. At that time, CBD didn’t have the reputation it does today, considering there was little research on the topic. However, after watching a few documentaries, Henderson knew there was a product out there for him.

“I kept watching a bunch of marijuana documentaries and was following the laws changing in Colorado and California,” Henderson said in an interview Military Times. “I was really interested in getting out . I was emailing people my resume and calling different companies, but no one called me back.”

Eventually, after graduating from the University of Louisville, Henderson was offered a position atApecks Supercritical, a marijuana extraction company. After originally working in their Ohio facility, he was transferred to Colorado, where he was tasked with opening a brand new location.

However, after becoming an expert in his field, Henderson wanted to pursue something he could call his own.

“After about four years of teaching people how to process marijuana with CO2, I started seeing hemp farms popping up and no one was processing the material for them,” he said. “So I decided to leave my job and start up my own processing company.”

Henderson Starts His Own Company

So, in December 2016, Henderson started his own extraction company—Extract Labs in the garage of his own home. A little less than two years later, the endeavor has turned into a multi-million dollar startup, and continues to grow. In fact, it’s become one of the most popular stores of its kind in the weed-legal landscape of Colorado. Henderson has even managed to open up a second location in Lexington, Kentucky.

Extracts offers a wide variety of CBD-based products, including shatter, isolates, vape juices, and even CBD for pets.

“ helps with homeostasis,” Henderson said. “So when things are sort of out of wack within the body, it helps to bring it all together. It’s also anti-inflammatory and has more antioxidants than green tea has in it.”

Just a few years ago, a military man-turned cannabis processor would have raised eyebrows. But in today’s legal landscape, there is no better expert, than a man with the passion, and experience of Hendeson.

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