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The Good And The Bad Of A Cannabis Period

The Good And The Bad Of A Cannabis Period


The Good And The Bad Of A Cannabis Period

Periods suck. They’re literally the worst and there’s simply no other way of putting it. So what do us ladies have to do to get some peace when our monthly visitor comes around? Well, is a cannabis period the answer to our lady prayers?

Smoking while on your period has good and bad results. The good is that you basically say goodbye to cramps, or any and all pain.

THC, which is found in cannabis, is a completely natural pain killer and will alleviate the torture that comes from your period by reducing inflammation. In other words, THC prevents the nerve endings from sensing pain signals. Awesome, right?

Most women also experience depression and feelings of sadness during their period because of the influx in hormones. Smoking cannabis has been proven to trigger feel good responses in the brain, alleviating depression.

Hormones may even be suppressed if you are smoking cannabis during that time of the month.

THC has the ability to suppress the level of progesterone, which is a key hormone in premenstrual symptoms, or the dreaded PMS.  Basically, you’ll find that not everything will be so annoying.

For woman that suffer from an unbalanced amount of hormones during the week of their period, smoking cannabis or having a cannabis period, could lead to relief from anxiety and spiked hormone levels.

However, as much as we want to get rid of the pain and crazy feelings, cannabis can also be dangerous to the female reproductive system.

It has been proven that cannabis has been linked to missed or late periods. This not only causes the unwanted pregnancy scare, but also can affect the rate of ovulation, making it harder to conceive in the future. You will also be playing an ovulation guessing game.

This is also true when it comes to the length of time a woman could get pregnant. Since THC makes your menstrual cycle shorter, the amount of days that you could get pregnant drastically goes down. This is good for women who are not trying to conceive, but can become difficult in the future when you are.

But the best reason to have a cannabis period is the sex. Don’t get all grossed out, but a lady is at her sexual peak during that time of the month.

The stress relieving affects of cannabis and the heightened O that you will feel will completely change your mind about period sex. Your partner and you will find a greater intimacy and you will definitely never go back to not having a cannabis period.

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