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Marijuana Mutates DNA, According To New Study

Marijuana Mutates DNA, According To New Study


Marijuana Mutates DNA, According To New Study

In a new study, scientists from The University of Western Australia said that marijuana mutates your DNA and could leave you more susceptible to diseases. They have also found that using cannabis can change a person’s DNA structure and be passed along to your children.

Researchers working on the project made the discovery while analyzing data from other studies.

They were initially trying to learn more about how cannabis affects cancer cells.

But instead, they started noticing some alarming patterns.

“Through our research we found that cancers and illnesses were likely caused by cell mutations resulting from cannabis properties having a chemical interaction with a person’s DNA,” said researcher Stuart Reece.

Researchers said that after a person’s DNA has been changed by cannabis, they might still live a normal and healthy life.

But those changes are permanent. And they could be passed on to their children.

Even if a person has never used cannabis, the altered DNA from a partner who has used cannabis could still be passed on to their kids.

Researchers said that these DNA changes could lead to slow cell growth in babies. It can also cause a baby’s organs and other body parts to develop poorly.

In some cases, it could even lead to the development of cancer.

“The parents may not realize that they are carrying these mutations,” Reece said.

” can lie dormant and may only affect generations down the track, which is the most alarming aspect.”

Reece and the other researchers working on the project said that their discovery is important as many countries around the world are thinking about legalizing cannabis.

It also complicates some of the things scientists are learning about the health properties of the plant.

Some of the most promising research so far has found that cannabis may help destroy cancer cells.

It does this by attaching to cancer cells and then chemically communicating with them. When this happens, cannabis primarily tells the cancer cells to self-destruct.

Marijuana Mutates Cancer Cells As Well

And while all of this seems like a promising way to use cannabis as a way to treat cancer, this newest research suggests that there could be some possible problems with it as well.

According to this newest project, the same properties that allow cannabis to destroy cancer cells could also be making harmful changes to other cells.

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