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This Bakery Is A Stoners Dream Come True

This Bakery Is A Stoners Dream Come True

Medical Marijuana

This Bakery Is A Stoners Dream Come True

A high-end bakery in Philly is whipping up some of the best, and dare we say it, most potent gourmet edibles on the East Coast. Two well trained culinary geniuses have been up to creating some of the best tasting gourmet treats.

Loud Treatz is a Philadelphia bakery, owned by two entrepreneurs that have been in the kitchen for over twenty years. These aren’t just your basic brownies and cookies either. These edibles can range from gourmet cereal bars, ice teas, and the overwhelming crowd favorite – dizzy donuts.

However, what makes this business so amazing is the cause of why they started.

Loud Treatz is an illegal bakery. However it’s the primary purpose is not just to feed recreational users. The owners even say that “90 percent of my customers are medical. It’s not recreational. It’s a must.”

This bakery is shedding light on medicinal marijuana right now and the importance that it plays in helping society. Recently, Pennsylvania just legalized forms of medicinal cannabis that can contribute to treating cancer and other illnesses.

Another gourmet, edible pop-up restaurants, are on the rise, like the 99th Floor. 99th Floor is an upscale edible company that creates pop-up edible dinners in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

The genius behind 99th Floor is Chef Miguel Trinidad, who, like the owners of Loud Treatz, is also a culinary professional. The edible gourmet world is changing from dull brownies to three-course dinners, including guava butter, pork belly, and shrimp and grits.

The purpose behind both of these gourmet edibles is to not just, “get high.” The technique and culinary effort behind both Loud Treatz and 99th Floor are more meaningful and concrete. These chefs are pushing the taste bud boundaries when it comes to edibles.

However, you might ask how were they getting away with this?

99th Floor is strictly invite only pop-up venues. There are no tickets sold, and you can not buy the food, you just have to know someone who knows someone.

Meanwhile, Loud Treatz is a little riskier of business. Their customers find out about their edibles through word of mouth, making this a very own local neighborhood type business. Even though this business is an illegal one, the owners feel like they are serving a higher purpose.

One of the owners was recently quoted saying,

“It’s not so much getting away.  I don’ feel like I’m doing anything wrong like there’s something I’m getting away with. If me helping someone stop taking epilepsy medicine by baking a donut, a donut seriously? What I’m I doing wrong? I don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong; therefore, I have no fear in what I do.”

Keep making those donuts, Loud Treatz. You keep making those gourmet edibles my friend.

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