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Tampa Will Finally Get Medical Marijuana

Tampa Will Finally Get Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Tampa Will Finally Get Medical Marijuana

After a 6-1 vote in favor of medicinal cannabis, the city of Tampa will finally get medical marijuana. Check out the details below.

After some controversy, it looks like the city of Tampa will finally get medical marijuana. City council members agreed on Thursday to green light medicinal cannabis under some strict conditions.

The Verdict

Tampa Will Finally Get Medical Marijuana

Council members agreed in a 6-1 vote Thursday night on an ordinance that regulates medical marijuana dispensaries and processing plants in the city of Tampa. Councilman Charles Miranda was the only person to vote “No” on the bill.

Strict city guidelines require the medicinal cannabis facilities to open at least 500 feet away from school buildings and restrict them to just commercial and industrial zones within Tampa. However, owners are allowed to request an exemption if necessary, to open up shop in restricted areas.

“We’re limiting the dispensaries to places that have the normal kind of retail you would expect.” Tampa Councilman Harry Cohen said. “What you’re going to see here is a much more controlled evolution and growth in terms of how many of these are allowed”.

The Council also agreed that medical marijuana dispensaries and processing facilities can be operated in the same working building, as long as there are two separate entrances.

However, not everyone at the meeting was on board with the city’s decision. Two local mothers showed up at the pow-wow to voice their concerns about an influx of dispensaries. One of the mothers, Teresa Miller, believes cannabis acts as a gateway drug.

“Years ago, when my son smoked pot and spring boarded to opioids, a severe addiction, I told myself if I could save one family from going through what our family and thousands of families around our state have gone through with a disease of addiction, then I would,” Miller said.

Miller also showed the council a map of 15 local pharmacies. She claimed she was worried that the dispensaries would expand to a similar number.

“If we get that many pot dispensaries around our country, it’s going to be disastrous. We need to protect our children and our communities.” Miller noted.

Final Hit: Tampa Will Finally Get Medical Marijuana

Tampa Will Finally Get Medical Marijuana

Tampa will finally get medical marijuana, but it was a long and somewhat controversial road. The city prolonged the approval of dispensaries after passing a moratorium that expired on August 15th. However, the council was able to see the light, and Florida continues to expand its medicinal cannabis factions.

Despite the concerns of Miranda, Miller, and others, the approval of medical cannabis is clearly a good move. Over time, it has withstood the notion that it is a gateway drug. Additionally, it has proven to be a better alternative to prescription opioids. With its non-addictive qualities, there’s only a matter of time before other cities and states follow suit. At this point, it’s essentially a no-brainer.

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