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Oregon Growers Are Giving Away Free Cannabis To Veterans

Oregon Growers Are Giving Away Free Cannabis To Veterans


Oregon Growers Are Giving Away Free Cannabis To Veterans

Oregon Growers

While the national spotlight was focused on the festivities of this year’s 4/20 celebrations, a group of Oregon growers are organizing an event to give away free cannabis to Veterans. Headed up by the Portland, Oregon chapter of Grow For Vets, the groups are preparing for their latest cannabis give-away event. Their idea is to bring positive changes to Veterans’ lives through cannabis.

On Sunday, April 24th, Grow For Vets will be giving away free cannabis gift bags to its members who register online for the event. Veteran non-members and civilians can join the event as well.

The give-away, at Portland’s Refuge PDX center, is just the latest in a series of national events organized by Grow For Vets and meant to draw attention to the dilemma of America’s military Veterans.

There’s a large and growing body of research that shows how cannabis can be a safe and effective alternative to the addictive combinations of prescription drugs Veterans currently receive to cope with chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other life-changing conditions.

Many of those Veterans are returning home with a variety of physical and emotional injuries suffered during their military service. A growing number of vets are demanding to be allowed to use cannabis as part of their treatment.

Roger Martin, a U.S. Army Veteran and the group’s founder and executive director, is also calling on Veterans to band together, “like we did when we were in the service.” He believes this strength-in-numbers approach help bring about the changes needed, like making cannabis a legal and accepted part of a Veteran’s medical treatment.

Grow For Vets asks that all participants planning to attend the cannabis give-away bring a valid, government-issued identification.

Veterans should also have their VA identification card, DD214 document or other government-issued ID showing their status as Veterans. Oregon-based Veterans will receive free admission to the event. Oregon civilians are welcome to attend with a $20 donation.

Grow for Vets also accepts donations of cannabis. Send in your flower, shake, seeds, trim, glass, and any other cannabis-related products to your local Grow for Vets chapter in states where cannabis has been legalized.

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