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Pot Smoking Couples Have More Intimate and Loving Relationships

Pot Smoking Couples Have More Intimate and Loving Relationships


Pot Smoking Couples Have More Intimate and Loving Relationships

Pot Smoking Couples

There are plenty of ways to make a lasting and loving filled relationship. You can share together ideas, memories, activities and everything else in between. But did you know that the pot smoking couple can have a more intimate and loving relationship?

Smoking couples both already share an intimacy and love, for one thing, cannabis. However, there are scientific reasons that this plant could be the savior for any relationship.

Cannabis is a stress reliever and will almost immediately calm you down. If you’re in a relationship, you know that sometimes it’s incredibly easy to lose your cool and say something that you immediately regret.

Stress Relief

Cannabis can make your sex life better

For a couple, that smoke, stress is relieved by the component THC, which is found heavily in indica strains of cannabis. By smoking marijuana, receptors in your brain that trigger angry thoughts are delayed and could stop fights that might just be aimed at your significant other.

Arguments and domestic violence attacks are also reduced when both partners smoke cannabis. According to research out of 600 couples, domestic violence and fighting were at it’s lowest when both partners in the couple smoked marijuana on a regular basis.


It is also shown by a scientific study that the trust and loyalty of a couple are stronger when both partners smoke pot. This completely disproves the theory that cannabis users make people immoral and promote infidelity.

The study asked a group of cannabis smokers many different moral questions, one of them was if they were loyal to one partner. The majority of the people asked said yes.


Cannabis can make your sex life better

The best reason to incorporate cannabis into your relationship is to have better, you guessed it, sex. Regular users of marijuana report almost no signs of anxiety or anything that could lead to sexual tension.

The relaxation effect that cannabis has allows both partners to feel sexually driven and uninhibited. The actual sex is also always better and more personal if you are a pot smoking couple.

The THC component in cannabis triggers the CB1 receptors in the brain that give off the feeling of euphoria. This same sense of euphoria is felt when a woman or a man has an orgasm.

In other words, couples that smoke cannabis before or during sex, double some sensations that they feel from an orgasm. Damn! The after-sex is also amazing too.


Cuddling is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but couples that smoke together enjoy a deeper level of connection by triggering nerve endings with body-heavy strains. These strains are usually indica dominant and will increase the feeling of connectivity between partners.

Love cannabis, love each other.

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