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Sex and Weed, The Science Behind Intimacy Through Cannabis

Sex and Weed, The Science Behind Intimacy Through Cannabis


Sex and Weed, The Science Behind Intimacy Through Cannabis

Sex with a partner is based on trust and being about to feel extremely comfortable with them alone. Intimacy can come from friendship, love, compassion, or even just similar ideas. But can a relationship be strengthened with sex and weed?

Intimacy through cannabis is one of the primary uses for the plant itself. Cannabis throughout history has been noted as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs based on its relaxing and calming effects.

When we are alone with someone, the body automatically becomes anxious due to the receptors in our brain that create a “fight or flight response.” This can cause someone to become emotionally detached from another person, or disengage in a conversation altogether.

However, cannabis is an all natural response to feeling nervous or anxious. The receptors that trigger fear in the brain are delayed, giving the smoker a more relaxed feel. This helps when you are one on one with someone trying to create a sense of intimacy or togetherness.

Intimacy can also at first be daunting and an awkward idea. There is no need to be nervous. Many options incorporate cannabis into alone time with your partner that will scientifically improve your life.

Did you know that cuddling is a natural way to increase the amount of oxytocin that your body releases? Oxytocin is the body’s hormone that creates feel good feelings and the want to be closer to others.

To add cannabis into this, try picking a strain that gives the smoker an intense body high and cuddle with your partner. The nerve endings will be stimulated from cuddling and will release more amounts of oxytocin into the brain.

If you and your partner have a relationship that involves sexual intimacy, then cannabis will improve this by far, especially for sexually active women.

Women who smoke marijuana before sex are scientifically shown to have longer and more intense orgasms. This is due to triggered receptors in the brain that give off the feeling of euphoria.

It is also scientifically proven that a woman has a 1 in 3 chance of having an orgasm with a man she is not intimate with. This means that women are more likely to have an orgasm with someone they feel, “in love with” or comfortable with. That feeling is created through smoking or using cannabis products before getting sexual with someone.

Having an orgasm is one of the most powerful signs that you are intimate and comfortable with a partner. However, intimacy can also be defined as having trust or friendship with someone.

Therefore, sex and weed are intense, passionate, and sensual.

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