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Pot Smokers Might Just Be Losers After All

Pot Smokers Might Just Be Losers


Pot Smokers Might Just Be Losers After All

We know it’s a terrible stereotype, but regular pot smokers might actual be turning into the L word. Loser!

We know it’s a terrible stereotype just to assume that longtime pot smokers are losers that sit on the couch all day eating junk. It’s not that losers smoke weed, but those who smoke weed all the time become losers. Studies might have proven that sometimes stereotypes could be right.

Medical marijuana is now allowed legally in 23 states, meaning more and more people are wrapping their hands on cannabis to smoke it regularly.

Some marijuana regulators believe that this is directly correlated to why people are becoming more regular pot smokers.

According to a study by leader Magdalena Cerda, people who regularly smoke cannabis have shown a downward spiral in social mobility and also have experienced financial problems, like falling into debt.

These statistics were compared with that of people who do not identify with being a regular smoker.

Similar findings have resulted from studies done at universities like Duke, Kings College, and the University of Otago in New Zealand, which shows that the drug has this universally bad side effect.

A study in California followed children from birth up until the age of 38 to document the lives and economic status of those who smoked cannabis regularly.

The children proved the “loser theory” correct with their financial standing.

The study found that children or teens who smoked four to five times a week ended up in lower social classes than their parents.

The children, compared who others who weren’t regular pot smokers also ended up in lower paid, and lower skilled jobs.

One of the more interesting things found in the research was that regular pot smokers have a lower motivation when compared to people who don’t smoke regularly.

Are Pot Smokers Losers?

Pot Smokers Might Just Be Losers After All

This one fact seemed to prove that marijuana made daily cannabis smokers less enthused and more likely to be well a loser.

However, it is noted in the study that marijuana as compared to other substances, such as alcohol does not have research to prove that it is a health risk.

The study only defined the effects of cannabis on a person’s social and economic status. Alcohol is still the bigger problem facing America because of its health risks and consumption laws.

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