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Best Restaurants In Los Angeles For Weed Munchies

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies


Best Restaurants In Los Angeles For Weed Munchies

From Fine Dining to Hole in the Walls, Here’s Where to Satisfy the Munchies

When it comes to the munchies, everyone has different tastes and cravings. Whether it’s salty, sweet, or greasy, Los Angeles boasts tons of restaurants to go to for the weed munchies. Here are 17 of the best LA restaurants to check out the next time you smoke a joint.

Sack Sandwiches

Best Restaurants In Los Angeles For Weed Munchies

From the idea of sack lunches you’d take to school as a kid, Sack Sandwiches takes quick meals to a whole new level. There’s a sandwich creation for everyone. From a classic Reuben to a Japanese inspired Spicy Tuna sandwich, plus vegan and gluten-free substitutes, they have everything to satisfy your munchie needs.


Best Restaurants In Los Angeles For Weed Munchies

Find happiness in a rice bowl from two different locations in Los Angeles. Paired with Whole Foods Market, Chego ensures their food is prepared with the freshest ingredients. Try a Beefy T Bowl with fried chili garlic beef rice and fried egg, Thai basil, greens, fresh shallots. Or The Spiiiiinach Salad (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) with baby spinach, mizuna and goat cheese, with cranberries, candied pecans, seasonal pickles, miso, and fried shallots. There’s a rice bowl for every strange munchie craving and combination.

Oki’s Dog

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

World Famous Oki Dog restaurant has all your classic American baseball stadium foods and then some. For the munchie seeker on a budget, Oki Dog’s meal deal with fries and a soda is only $6. The popular menu item, the “Oki Dog” is two hot dogs, chili, pastrami, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Good Girl Dinette

This old school diner and Vietnamese restaurant mash-up is every munchie dream. Located in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, Good Girl Dinette is a bit chicer than a typical fast food dive to subside the cravings. But nothing goes down better than a bowl of pho and some spicy fries after a good joint.


17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

Declared a Los Angeles Times Restaurant of the Year 2017, LocoL “feels like LA.” Since the restaurant opened in 2016, they’ve revolutionized fast food. Everything is “made-from-scratch” from chili cheeseburgers to shrimp n’ grits to chicken and waffles. Nothing like a hearty carbo-loaded meal to squash the munchies.

El Compadre

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

Dine on the authentic fine foods of Mexico at El Compadre in Hollywood, Echo Park, or Downtown LA. From the restaurant’s architecture and decor down to their menu written strictly in Spanish, every high food seeker with truly feel the welcoming vibes of the restaurant. They have combination Mexican dishes as well as a la carte, any size and shape enchiladas or fajitas you desire.

Blaze Pizza

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

With locations all over the city of Los Angeles, Blaze Pizza is perfect for all pizza and weed lovers. The build your own section of the menu allows everyone to make the weirdest combination of pizza imaginable. There’s no limit to the toppings, it’s all one price. And when it comes to the munchies, that’s a dream come true.

Nickel Diner

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

Nickel Diner in Downtown Los Angeles serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have every classic dinner meal from burgers to mac n cheese to sandwiches. But the real kicker for the munchies are the homemade donuts and ding dongs.


Located in Koreatown in LA, this restaurant serves Korean food through the eyes of an American with Korean heritage. Boasting the highest concentration of restaurants and nightclubs in SoCal, K-Town is the place to be for cultural grit and diversity. POT Commissary Cafe is 420 friendly, with a welcoming vibe in their greenhouse interior dining space. Hypebeast writes, “And besides, you can’t get more Koreatown than eating kimchi and instant ramen accompanied by uncensored Tupac lyrics.”

Button Mash

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

With late night small plates for the munchie cravings plus arcade games, Button Mash is the place to be when you’re high and looking for a fun time. Grab a beer and some loaded nachos and play arcade Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Mario Bros, Galaga, and so much more. After 9 pm, Button Mash begins carding, so it’s a nice time to hang out with friends, drink, and be a kid again.

Doomie’s Home Cookin’

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

This good time grub restaurant has a strictly vegan menu for the smokers looking to stick to their diet. They have everything from nachos to fried shrimp to fried avocado, all delicious and all vegan.


When it comes to the munchies, just the words mac and cheese pizza makes the mouth water. And you can find it at Pizzanista! in Downtown Los Angeles on Sundays. Also on Saturdays and Sundays, they have pizza brunch style. What better way to spend the weekend with a wake and bake and pizza at 11 am?

Beer Belly

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

This enticingly named restaurant has locations in Koreatown in LA and Long Beach. And as you’ve most likely guessed, everything on the menu will give you a satisfying Dad Bod. The Beer Belly Grilled Cheese is a quad decked sandwich with cheddar, swiss, asiago, goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and maple syrup. If that’s not enough to stop the munchies, try the bacon fat fried or the deep fried Oreos. Calories don’t count when you’re high.


17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

The search for good ramen ends with Tatsu in Los Angeles. With nearly every combination of Ramen bowls you desire, Tatsu even allows you to create your own bowl. And while you sit patiently with your tummy growling, Tatsu chefs makes the ramen bowls right in front of you, leaving nothing to surprise.


17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

This Little Tokyo style fast food stand and indoor market in Los Angeles redefines gourmet fast food. From Bao buns, burritos, and rice bowls, this little shack is sure to make the munchies disappear.

Guisados Tacos

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

From a local’s opinion, Guisados Tacos has the best tacos in the city of LA. The catch, that’s all they serve: tacos. But the variety is astounding. With 16 different tacos to choose from, all $2.75 each, grab a few different ones, each as delicious as the next. At Guisados, simplicity is their motto.

In N Out

17 Best LA Restaurants For Weed Munchies

Finally, nothing quenches the munchies like the classic West Coast burger joint, In N Out. Go all the way with the burgers and the shakes. But don’t settle for your basic french fries (though there’s nothing basic about In N Out fries). Go all the way with the Animal Style fries from their secret menu topped with cheese, grilled onions, and their delicious secret spread. Your munchies will thank you.

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