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Candwich: The solution to your crippling munchies

Candwich: The solution to your crippling munchies


Candwich: The solution to your crippling munchies


Have you ever been too stoned and hungry to the point where you no longer feel you can make food or go out and acquire food? Well, the Candwich may just save you from starving yourself. The Candwich or the sandwich in a can comes in a variety of flavors, and it does not require refrigeration.

The different flavors come packaged differently, some requiring more assembling than others.

PB&J Candwich

There’s a show on youtube where people try random old food/drinks and see if they are expired or not. On one episode 5 people tried a Candwich PB&J and were told they don’t need to swallow it.

According to the WrecklessEating‘s youtube video, “it was worth swallowing” and all 5 participants ate their portions of the sandwich even though it expired three years prior.

One person complained that it “tastes terrible” while the others said it was just like any other PB&J they’ve had.  The participant that claimed it tasted terrible said after a few more chews that he actually liked it.

One downside of the PB&J version is that it comes with bread in a bag and both packets of jelly and peanut butter yourself so with that flavor you do have to do some assembling.

The Candwich was advertised as a fully prepared sandwich right out of the can. When it was released as sandwich ingredients inside of a can instead, the company took a dive.

So if you were hoping munchies would cause this company’s stock to rise, so far this hasn’t been the case, and you’re probably better off investing in the growing cannabis industry.

Honey BBQ Chicken Candwich

However, if assembling the PB&J is too much for you the Honey BBQ Chicken sandwich may solve your munchies crisis with minimal effort. This one actually comes fully prepared to eat without any further assembling.

You pop open the can, pull out the plastic packaged sandwich and rip out that soft, moist breaded, dank smelling solution to starvation.

Radio personality Tad Shackles had nothing good to say about his experience with the Honey BBQ Chicken candwich but the guys down at said they were pleasantly surprised to find the chicken tasted fresh and not dry as he expected.

The long list of unfamiliar ingredients in the can are likely what preserve the chicken so well and if you don’t mind that the sandwiches aren’t too bad at all. Especially to someone starving or in an emergency situation.

Candwich: The solution to your crippling munchies

Dangers of Starvation

The dangers of starving yourself include muscle loss, decreased energy, and malnutrition. So if you’ve already waited too long to eat and you smoked some indica you may be experiencing a combination of couch lock and lack the decreased energy from starvation.

Other symptoms of starving yourself may include frequent mood changes, increased stress levels, insomnia, depression, headache, sore throat, constipation, vomiting, and nausea.

The Final Hit

Unless you want to start experiencing these side effects of starvation like muscle loss or developing an eating disorder, you may want to pop open that can of sandwich and start eating. A bunch of people who weren’t starving or stoned tried and liked the Candwich, so you’ll probably enjoy it even more when you’re battling the munchies while high.

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