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Cannabis Infused Sugar Is Here

Cannabis Infused Sugar Is Here


Cannabis Infused Sugar Is Here

Cannabis infused sugar crystals are now a thing, and they’re about to change everything you thought you knew about edibles. Making marijuana edibles have pretty much always been a process that requires multiple steps. Before you can even start mixing your brownie ingredients, you’ve got to pull the THC out of the cannabis buds and get it into something you can bake with. The go-to method for doing this is to use a fatty food like butter or oil. That’s because the THC in marijuana naturally bonds to these types of fats.

Making cannabutter or cannabis infused oil is itself a full day long project—and you haven’t even started baking anything yet. After the THC has been transferred to the butter or oil, you’ve still got to make the actual recipe. That means that to make something like weed brownies you’ve got to make two entirely separate foods. First the cannabutter then the brownies.

All of this has made the world of edibles seem a little bit intimidating. For most of us, baking brownies out of the box is hard enough, let alone spending hours making cannabutter first. Now, a new line of cannabis infused sugar crystals could be the solution. The new product was invented by biotech start-up DeepCell Industries.

The company came up with a way to fuse THC from cannabis with tiny crystal structures. The technology was initially going to be used as a way to make THC-infused sugar tablets for the medical marijuana industry. But the company soon saw that it could go much further than that. Now the folks at DeepCell Industries have created three separate products.

Does it get any better than cannabis infused sugar?

Cannabis Sugar Is Here

They’ve made a THC-infused sugar called Ruby, a THC-infused salt called Sapphire, and a THC-infused no-calorie sweetener called Emerald.

“What we are trying to do is unlock a new corner of edibles by allowing not just candies, gummy bears, cookies, and brownies,” said DeepCell Industries CEO Kelly Ogilvie.

The new cannabis infused sugar and salt could revolutionize the entire world of edibles. Not having to rely on cannabutter or cannabis-infused oils means you can start spiking pretty much anything you want with THC. Use THC sugar to make lemonade or to sweeten your tea. Use THC salt to elevate your steak or fried eggs. You can now turn pretty much anything into an edible without having to go through any extra effort. DeepCell Industries has already partnered with cannabis company Green Labs. They plan to bring the products to the Washington marijuana market first. Ogilvie said they plan on expanding to other 420-friendly states in the future.

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