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Edibles are finally for sale in Illinois

Edibles are finally for sale in Illinois | GREEN RUSH DAILY


Edibles are finally for sale in Illinois

Edibles For Sale

Medical marijuana edibles became legally for sale for the first time ever in Illinois this weekend. The state began selling regulated medical marijuana on November 9, but it’s taken until now for the first batches of state-approved edibles to finally hit dispensary shelves.

“Under the state’s pilot program, edible products must be manufactured by licensed cultivation centers, the same businesses growing cannabis in locked indoor facilities,” NBC Chicago reported.

The availability of legal edibles comes as a much-needed change for many medical marijuana patients who would prefer eating cannabis rather than smoking or vaping it.

“I worry about the mailman coming and smelling it,” said Sarah Wright, a 61-year-old who lives in Rock Falls, Illinois, and who uses cannabis to treat fibromyalgia. “You smoke it and smell it all through the house. That gets old.”

While edibles certainly offer patients a way to treat their health conditions without having to deal with the strong smell of marijuana, they also provide a way for people to access the benefits of cannabis without having to run the health risks associated with smoking.

Amidst the weekend’s excitement, state officials and edible makers also issued statements outlining what they see as the potential dangers of ingesting edibles.

“As exciting as bringing edibles to market is, we want to make sure that every patient takes small portions, and wait at least an hour before taking more, until you understand and get comfortable with consuming medical cannabis in its edible forms,” said Ross Morreale, owner of Ataraxia, an Illinois company that makes marijuana chocolates.

In addition to Morreale’s company, Chicago chef Mindy Segal made headlines earlier this month by announcing a new line of gourmet edible marijuana products including chocolate brittle bars, a line of infused granola bites, and infused chocolate beverages. She hopes to add her products to the lineup of edibles now available in Illinois sometime in February.

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