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This Massive Taco Pizza Is The Holy Grail For Munchies

This Massive Taco Pizza Is The Holy Grail For Munchies


This Massive Taco Pizza Is The Holy Grail For Munchies

Mexican food is taking over the world. Seriously. In terms of munchies, it’s pretty much a flawless option, mainly because of how creative you can get with it. One pizza place in Hoboken, New Jersey decided to have a little south of the border fun, and it’s becoming quite the popular item. Like you literally have to pre-order it popular. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the taco pizza.

What is the taco pizza?

This Massive Taco Pizza Is The Holy Grail For Munchies

You may have had taco pizza at your local pizzeria before, but rest assured, it’s nothing like the ‘za you’ll find at Tony Boloney’s. The ma & pop pizza joint has locations in both Hoboken and Atlantic City, and their now-famous taco pizza has changed the specialty pizza game forever.

The pizza and sub shop is no stranger to making odd, stoner-friendly concoctions. They have other pizzas on their menus with wacky names like their “Arugula Smokeout” and the “PigFace Killer Pie.” They also won a statewide Philly cheesesteak competition a couple years back courtesy of the Munchmobile. So yeah, it’s safe to say Tony’s know their stoner demographic.

Tony Boloney’s doesn’t just use regular old taco ingredients, throw it on some dough and call it a day. The pizza LITERALLY sprouts authentic Mexican tacos. On top of the taco pizza, is a homemade soft shelled tortilla, filled with three different types of meats– chicken, carne asada brisket, and mezcal-marinated steak.

However, this is only just the beginning. In the middle of the pizza, is a huge, heaping portion of guacamole and sour cream. Restaurant owner Michael Hauke suggests dipping the tacos in the guacamole, but hey, this is a free country. When you are finished with the actual tacos on top, you get the actual pizza. You can also choose to dip the pizza in the guac, but again, that’s for you to decide.

How do I get my hands on this glorious item?

This Massive Taco Pizza Is The Holy Grail For Munchies

While there are locations in both Hoboken, New Jersey and Atlantic City, New Jersey, getting your hands on this incredible pizza isn’t as easy as 1,2,3.

The pizza is only available one day a week at each of its locations. At the Hoboken location on  263 1st St., you can purchase it every Tuesday. At the Atlantic City location on 300 Oriental Ave, it’s available on Thursdays.

The pizza can actually be quite pricey. It’s $80 for the full pie, but you also have the option of buying a single slice for $12. $80 may sound a little steep, but there’s literally two dozen tacos on a whole pie, which equates to three a slice. The final weight of the ‘za comes out to an enormous 30 pounds.

However, owner Michael Hauke claims just the one slice will do the trick just fine. You’re also gonna have to pre-order it ahead of time because it’s a hot commodity. Or, mainly, because they’d have to hire like 20 new workers to pump out those pizzas seven days a week. Either way, getting stoned and eating this incredible pizza is gonna feel like you died and went to heaven.

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