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13-year-old Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow, Police Find 25 Pounds Of Meth

13-year-old Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow, Police Find 25 Pounds Of Meth


13-year-old Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow, Police Find 25 Pounds Of Meth

A 13-year-old boy was pulled over for driving too slow. Officers were surprised to find a large amount of meth in the vehicle.

Tuesday morning, in scenic Mesa County, Colorado, a 13-year-old was pulled over for driving too slow. The police were undoubtedly surprised when they saw that a child was behind the wheel. But what they found during a search of the vehicle was even more of a surprise. The officers found 25 pounds of crystal methamphetamine in the vehicle. We don’t know what 13-year-olds are into nowadays, but we think that this kid has been watching too much Breaking Bad.

What Happened?

A deputy with the Western Colorado Drug Task Force happened to see a car driving suspiciously.  A Dodge Avenger was moving about 15 miles under the speed limit and swerving between the lanes. The deputy pulled the car over for driving too slow and failing to stay in a single lane. Instead of an adult, the deputy found 13-year-old Israel Arreola behind the wheel.

The underage driver wasn’t alone. Two other people, who turned out to be Arreola’s cousins, were in the car. They were identified as Irene Michel-Arreola, age 19, and her brother, German Michel-Arreola, age 22. Both passengers were old enough to drive. So why was the youngest cousin driving instead of them? The siblings told officers they weren’t feeling well, and so they asked their young cousin to take the wheel.

Since a 13-year-old driving is automatically a suspicious situation, the officers asked if they could conduct a search of the vehicle. During that search, they found 23 packages. All of which contained a crystalline substance that the officers believed to be methamphetamines.

It hasn’t been made clear whether or not the juvenile knew what he was doing or if his cousins made him do it. As of now, all three suspects are facing felony drug charges, including the manufacturing, possession, and distribution of a controlled substance.

The youngest cousin is facing additional charges for driving without a license and failing to stay in his lane. He is being held at the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center in Grand Junction. The older suspects are at the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Final Hit: A 13-Year-Old Meth Trafficker Was Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow

13-year-old Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow, Police Find 25 Pounds Of Meth

Could you imagine if Walter White or Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad were pulled over for driving too slow? We’re guessing the reason the older cousins didn’t feel well is that they pulled a Pinkman and sampled the product. Don’t believe us? Look at the oldest cousins eyes in his mug shot. As the kids say, he looks high AF.

We’re glad they made a ton of rookie mistakes and got caught. The less meth out there the better. Fortunately, marijuana is legal in Colorado so the drug task force can continue to focus their energy and attention on getting more harmful substances, like meth, off the streets.

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