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Action Bronson Was Arrested For Smoking Weed On Stage In Kosovo

Action Bronson Was Arrested For Smoking Weed On Stage In Kosovo
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Action Bronson Was Arrested For Smoking Weed On Stage In Kosovo

Let’s just say police weren’t thrilled with the stunt.

It’s no secret that some of Hip-Hop’s greatest stars smoke a little herb from time to time, but it’s also safe to say some are a bit more, err, reserved about their past times than others. Action Bronson—one of New York’s biggest names in rap music—is clearly on the ‘less reserved’ side of things.

In fact, his candidness involving weed actually got him in a little trouble over the weekend in Kosovo. Reportedly, Action Bronson was arrested for smoking weed on stage at the Sunny Hill festival.

Action Bronson Was Arrested For Smoking Weed

The Queens native was arrested on Saturday after lighting up a spliff onstage and throwing it into the raucous crowd.

While it’s probably commonplace for Action to light it up in his native America, apparently Kosovo police did not take kindly to the stunt. Reportedly, officers arrested Bronson on the spot.

Luckily for Bronson, the ordeal did not last all too long. According to TMZ, he was taken into custody and released later that day.

“Following the interview with the competent prosecutor’s order the same was released,” per a translation from the news site.

While weed laws in Kosovo are clearly not as lax as other countries (we see you, Canada), it obviously didn’t present too much of a nuisance, considering Bronson was detained for what appeared to be a few short hours.

Action Bronson And Weed

While he’s technically not considered a “weed rapper” a la a Wiz Khalifa, Action Bronson is undoubtedly one of the biggest mainstream rappers who isn’t shy about his affinity for the green.

He’s had shows on cable television that featured him and his friends smoking weed and enjoying activities like eating and watching ancient aliens while stoned AF.

During a panel at the 2016 ComplexCon, Bronson credited the plant for a lot of his success in the music industry.

“I’ve been high for 20 years,” Bronson said at the panel. “It got me through a lot of times. I’m an only child, so I’m very creative. I have to make things up in my life, like a friend here or there. Weed helps. It enhances everything with imagination in life and art and creation.”

Although his toking habits are, by all intents and purposes, not a bad thing, Action Bronson’s actions (no pun intended) at Kosovo, however, did serve as a bit of a cautionary tale for weed-smokers that get the occasional travel bug: what is becoming more and more acceptable in the U.S., isn’t necessarily welcomed with open arms in other countries. Discretion is a very real thing, friends.

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