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Ex TV Weatherman Caught Driving Uber Drunk and Asking Riders for Pot

Ex TV Weatherman Caught Driving Uber Drunk and Asking Riders for Pot
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Ex TV Weatherman Caught Driving Uber Drunk and Asking Riders for Pot

Not the smartest way to score.

A man working as an Uber driver in Lincoln, Nebraska was convicted yesterday of driving under the influence after riders called the cops on him. Some of the man’s Uber customers complained about the man’s erratic driving. Additionally, customers also said the man was asking them for weed.

According to local news sources, the Uber driver is Sean E. McMullen. The man is reportedly from Douglas, Nebraska, a small town located southeast of Lincoln. Interestingly, McMullen is a former TV weatherman. Previously, he worked at Nebraska TV stations KLKN in Lincoln and KETV in Omaha.

Uber Riders Alarmed by Their Driver

At the time of the incident, McMullen was not working as a weatherman. Instead, he was working as an Uber driver.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, McMullen came into contact with police in the early morning hours of July 7, 2018. At that time, a 31 year old woman and her friends called cops after taking an Uber ride in McMullen’s car.

Specifically, the women said that McMullen was driving very erratically, at times revving the engine and speeding up, and at other times slamming on his brakes suddenly. Additionally, McMullen was also reportedly asking his customers for marijuana.

One way or another, the women became so alarmed that they hopped out of his car when he stopped at an intersection. According to the women, McMullen then got out of the vehicle and tried to get them to go back into the car. The women did not do that. Instead, they called the cops.

When authorities arrived, they said McMullen smelled like alcohol. A short time later, at the local jail, McMullen’s blood alcohol level came in at 0.233 percent—almost three times higher than the legal limit for driving.

Now, a year after the incident, McMullen finally received his sentence. As reported by the Lincoln Journal Star, Lancaster County Court Judge Rodney Reuter sentenced McMullen to 17 days in jail and a $500 fine. Luckily for McMullen, the judge will let him serve his jail time at home on house arrest. Finally, the judge also revoked McMullen’s driver’s license for one year.

Other Unexpected Weed Incidents in Uber Cars

Obviously, there is no reason to suspect any link between Uber cars and drunk driving or strange weed-related problems. But earlier this year, there were reports of another unexpected weed-related incident that centered on an Uber car.

In this case, a man in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania found himself in hot water after he accidentally left weed in an Uber car.

As reported in January of this year, 21 year old Malik Rasaan Mollett ordered an Uber ride. After the ride was over and he had gotten out of the car, he suddenly realized he left a bag filled with two pounds of weed in the car.

Mollett contacted the driver and arranged a meeting to get the bag back. Unfortunately for Mollett, the driver had already called the cops. And when Mollett showed up to retrieve his weed, he was met by cops instead. Ultimately, Mollett was arrested and was immediately held in jail an unnecessarily large $150,000 cash bail.

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