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Fight at Unlicensed Dispensary Over Free Sample Hospitalizes Man

Fight at Unlicensed Dispensary Over Free Sample Hospitalizes Man


Fight at Unlicensed Dispensary Over Free Sample Hospitalizes Man

Things got a little crazy over the weekend at an unlicensed marijuana dispensary in the San Diego area.

After what appears to be some crossed wires regarding a free sample of weed, a fight broke out at the shop. And when the dust settled, the fight left behind a lot of confusion about exactly what happened and who was involved.

Miscommunication About Free Weed

Early reports about the incident come from The San Diego Union-Tribune. As per the paper’s report, the incident under question took place Sunday afternoon at a weed shop in Chula Vista, which is located in southern San Diego.

According to reports, a man in the area received a text message announcing free samples at the dispensary. But when he arrived, he apparently found out it was not as simple as he thought.

Specifically, reports indicate that when the man arrived to claim his free sample, a person working at the shop informed him that he needed to buy something first in order to qualify for the free product.

From there, it is a little murky how things unfolded. But from the sounds of things, the customer did not react well to the news.

One way or another, the man and workers at the marijuana shop ended up in a brawl. Reports say that the customer was eventually asked to take it outside.

But when the man turned to leave the building, he was allegedly hit on the head. He claims he was struck from behind by a security guard.

The fight continued outside the building. At that point, the customer said that he was then attacked by two workers from inside the shop.

During the fight, the customer managed to call the cops. And when authorities arrived, they found and arrested the alleged assailants.

According to reports, authorities did not find the security guard who allegedly hit the customer over the head. After the fight ended, the customer was hospitalized.

Unlicensed Dispensaries in Southern California

As of now, it is unclear what, if any, charges the men from the marijuana shop may face. Similarly, it is unclear if the shop will face any penalties.

But local media reported that the shop is not a state-licensed dispensary. As such, the shop could end up in a lot of trouble.

Interestingly, there are a relatively large number of dispensaries throughout Southern California that are technically not fully licensed to operate.

In fact, law enforcement in Southern California has been cracking down on unlicensed and otherwise illegal marijuana shops ever since recreational retail began in the state.

In most cases, the dispensaries are considered “illegal” because they have not completed all necessary applications. Similarly, many of these shops continue operating without all required approvals and licenses.

Last year, authorities in Los Angeles busted 150 businesses for operating without proper licensing. As a result, they charged more than 500 people with criminal offenses.

Then, last summer, the Los Angeles City Attorney said they would begin a broad crackdown on unlicensed weed shops.

And most recently, the city filed a lawsuit against an unlicensed shop. In the suit, the city claimed the shop was unlawfully selling product that was contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

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