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Watch The First Cannabis Ad To Air Nationwide

This Is The First Cannabis Ad To Air On A National Network


Watch The First Cannabis Ad To Air Nationwide

A Colorado-based law firm is responsible for the first cannabis ad to ever air on national television.

With the cannabis industry booming, it’s no surprise that the Green Rush is getting a lot of attention. National attention that is. And considering that media is the biggest conduit in the Information Age, it’s only natural that pot is appearing on our television screens. No, we’re not talking about “Weeds.” We’re talking about advertisements. That’s right: the first cannabis ad has finally hit the small screen, and on national networks, no less.

First Cannabis Ad Hits TV Screens

This Is The First Cannabis Ad To Air On A National Network

The ad, which aired earlier this month, has so far been featured on mainstream networks like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The Weather Channel, Viceland, Headline News, and Fox Business.

Perhaps the most surprising element of the commercial is perhaps what it’s not for. Rather than showcasing a dispensary or retailer, it’s a bona fide showcase for Hoban Law Group, a Colorado-based law firm.

According to their site, Hoban Law Group bills itself as “Colorado’s largest and most experienced cannabis business law firm,” one that has “consistently provided expert commercial legal advice to its clients in the regulated marijuana dispensary system and the industrial hemp industry.”

Founded and headed by lawyer Bob Hoban, the firm specializes in the medical, industrial hemp, and adult use markets. (At least according to their ad, that is.)

The firm also boasts a team of attorneys in every state in which pot is decriminalized and legalized.

Notably, the ad does not refer to cannabis by its more commonly known nomenclature. The words “pot,” weed,” “marijuana,” and so forth are never mentioned. The most likely reason for this? To lend the commercial—and ultimately, the law firm—a sense of legitimacy.

Final Hit: First Cannabis Ad Airs On National Networks

This Is The First Cannabis Ad To Air On A National Network

Of course, the marriage between the cannabis industry and legal groups intending to cash in on it is nothing new.

Cannabis lawyers have more or less been setting up shop since legalization in certain U.S. states began. And for good reason. For any business—especially a growing market like the “canna-business”—legal representation is a must.

The fact that weed is still considered a Schedule I drug on a federal level also makes it tricky to find said representation. As per the American Bar Association, “lawyers seeking to do business in the marijuana industry need to consider State ethics rules before accepting representation.”

In effect, this is why Hoban Law Group’s advertisement is a bigger deal than it first appears. By airing their commercial nationally, they still expressly state that their firm abides by these self-same state ethics. Check out Hoban Law Group’s ad below.

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