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Former NBA Player Al Harrington Invests $5 Million Into Weed

Former NBA Player Al Harrington Invests 5 Million Weed


Former NBA Player Al Harrington Invests $5 Million Into Weed

Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

Former NBA Player Al Harrington Invests $5 Million Into Weed

An NBA star is making his big move off the court by investing millions into marijuana businesses across the nation.

A few months ago, rumor had it that former NBA player, Al Harrington wanted to make a fortune in the marijuana industry. Today, the former Golden State Warriors star has already invested millions in legal marijuana and started two businesses: Viola Extracts and Harrington Wellness.

Al Harrington Is Manufacturing Cannabis Extracts

You can find Viola Extracts’ resin, wax and shatter at 20 dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon. Albert, “Al,” Harrington is also getting started in the booming CBD market. His newest venture, Harrington Wellness, launches this summer.

Harrington has also invested in Butter Baby, a Los Angeles edibles producer that describes itself as a “woman-owned not-for-profit organization that offers THC-infused butter.”

The 16 season NBA player hopes to make it big in weed next. In GQ‘s February issue, Harrington predicted, “We’re trying to get a billion-dollar exit.” To get his businesses up and running, Al Harrington has reportedly spent $5 million of his own capital.

This Retired Basketball Star Has a New Love: Marijuana

Harrington, who didn’t smoke during his career, is making up for lost time. “I feel like it almost saved my life. Literally, bro. I found something that I feel the same way about as basketball,” he said in the same interview.

But Al Harrington sees cannabis as a medicine first. He even named Viola Extracts after his grandmother, whom he helped use marijuana to treat her glaucoma. “My grandmother was in constant pain, and she couldn’t see. I convinced her that vaping extracts of cannabis would be helpful to her, and they are,” he explained to PR Newswire.

Harrington understands medical marijuana’s potential for everyone from his grandmother to people with HIV to athletes. He even has personal experience with cannabis as a painkiller. “I’ve had three surgeries since I got introduced to CBD ,” he said, “and I have never touched a Vicodin, Oxycontin, anything. For any surgery, any bad times I go through, I treat myself with cannabis.”

Businessman and Advocate

Altogether, Al Harrington has invested around $5 million in cannabis concentrates, CBD, and edibles ventures. But he sees his role in the marijuana industry as beyond being the financial backer.

Harrington explained, “I really feel like my company is going to change people’s lives. It’s going to change people’s lives through opportunity, it’s going to change people’s lives through medication and through education.”

He also wants to impact legislation so that you won’t need $5 million to break into the industry. “That’s why I have to continue to try to be an advocate to change some of the laws and break down some of the barriers so that we can allow some of the smaller people to participate,” he stated.

Al Harrington has plans to expand Viola Extracts into California, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan this year.

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