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Cannabis Company Offers Free Weed for Unpaid Government Employees

Cannabis Company Offers Free Weed to Unpaid Government Employees
Company Offers Free Weed to Unpaid Government Employees


Cannabis Company Offers Free Weed for Unpaid Government Employees will donate the maximum amount allowed under California law to any federal worker who can’t afford medical cannabis due to the shutdown.

The United States government is in the middle of its longest shutdown in history. For 34 days and counting, over 800,000 federal workers have been on furlough or aren’t receiving paychecks. The consequences of the shutdown are massive. Federal workers are going without needed food and medicine—including medical marijuana. They’re unable to pay rent and keep up with bills, to purchase things for their children and go to the doctor. Around the country, organizations are setting up food banks, clothing drives and fundraisers to help federal workers stay afloat as the shutdown drags on. And now, one cannabis company is joining in the help efforts. Not by donating money or food, but by offering free weed to unpaid government employees.

Federal Employees Impacted By Shutdown Can Get Free Weed on BudTrader

On social media, online and in the papers, countless federal workers have shared stories of the difficulties they’re facing in the midst of the longest-running government shutdown in U.S. history. Working without pay is bad enough. But being unable to pay for the basic necessities because you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, as many low-paid federal workers do, is catastrophic.

The United States already has the highest prescription drug costs of any wealthy nation. People in the U.S. pay on average two to six times what the rest of the world pays for identical drugs. And U.S. patients also pay more for legal medical cannabis. According to one recent analysis, cannabis on average costs 30 percent less in Canada than it does in the United States. Furthermore, unlike in Canada, U.S. health insurers do not cover the costs of medical cannabis treatments.

For cash-strapped federal workers who aren’t getting paid—and especially those who will never see a paycheck from their labor during the shutdown—these costs represent an insurmountable barrier. Many are simply going without, because they have no other choice.

But on Monday,, an online medical and adult-use cannabis marketplace, reached out to lend a helping hand. In a Facebook post, BudTrader announced that for “any Federal Employee unable to pay for their medical cannabis due to the Government shutdown, BudTrader will donate to you the allowable, legal limit.” Is Donating As Much Weed as the Law Allows to Federal Workers

BudTrader’s Facebook post makes it clear that the company will donate the maximum amount allowed under California’s adult-use laws and regulations. It’s an inspiring move. And BudTender CEO Brad McLaughlin hopes it will inspire other large companies to follow suit. “I don’t think federal employees are getting enough love and support, in these tough times,” McLaughlin said.

Information about how federal workers can obtain free cannabis is available on the company’s website at The company is ensuring that it will protect the anonymity of federal workers. Donations will be completely confidential. And that’s important, considering that federal law still prohibits cannabis, even for medical purposes. Federal workers may want to keep their legal use of medical cannabis as private as possible.

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