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Hike, Meditate And Consume Cannabis Consciously On High Tide Tours

Hike, Meditate and Consume Cannabis Consciously On High Tide Tours


Hike, Meditate And Consume Cannabis Consciously On High Tide Tours

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Hike, Meditate And Consume Cannabis Consciously On High Tide Tours

Learn the ins and outs of the cannabis industry while hiking, meditating and learning about conscious consumption.

Legalization has taken California by storm, but residents and tourists alike don’t know where to star. Luckily, High Tide Tours, a Los Angeles-based marijuana and wellness tour company, is here to help. We spoke with DeJanae Evins, one of the company’s co-founders about weed education, plant-based wellness and conscious consumption in California’s flourishing marijuana scene.

An Educational, Marijuana-Infused Tour of Los Angeles

Hike Meditate and Consume Cannabis Consciously On High Tide Tours

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High Tide Tours, founded by Joy Victoria Clarke and DeJanae Evins, isn’t just about blazing in West Hollywood.

Evins told Green Rush Daily that it’s kind of like a “magic tour bus for health-conscious adults who consume cannabis.” Starting this June, High Tide Tours will be offering day and evening tours around Los Angeles.”We really want to entice people with the idea of being about to do it all in one day,” Evins explained.

She outlined what a typical day tour would look like. “In the morning, we start off with a hike, and then we transition to a health and wellness restaurant . Then we take people on kind of a tour from seed to sale,” she said. This includes a farm tour, a dispensary tour and opportunities to learn and ask industry professionals questions about cannabinoids, terpenes, adaptogens and anything related to marijuana culture or medicine.

The evening tour will focus on plant medicine that goes beyond marijuana. It begins at a dispensary and proceeds to a homeopathic shop. Next, they go to the Shroom Room, run by mushroom coffee producers Four Sigmatic. There, tour-goers will learn about the health benefits of mushrooms—not the hallucinogenic kind.

Of course, you’ll have many, many opportunities to buy weed from the grow-ops and dispensaries on the tour. Plus, they’ll be offering sizeable discounts.

High Tide Is All About Conscious Consumption

Hike, Meditate and Consume Cannabis Consciously On High Tide Tours

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This means knowing where your weed comes from, what it can do for you medicinally and that every purchase counts.

Clark and Evins have been working in the marijuana industry for years. “She has a background in creating cannabis events, and then I kind of got into the business as a cannabis educator and influencer,” Evins explained. Before starting High Tide tours, Evins ran a Youtube channel on which she tested and explained marijuana accessories. Today, she’s working on a certification in cannabis education from the Sativa Science Club.

But her love for the herb goes further back. “My mom grew the plant and my dad sold ,” Evins related. “For a long time, I thought that weed was the smell of his cologne!” Fellow co-founder Clark grew up in Chicago and came to love California’s favorite herb after she moved.

Both founders have the advantage of seeing California’s marijuana renaissance from a woman of color’s perspective. “We do have a social responsibility  us specifically because we know that the money that we generate immediately impacts people that look like us,” Evins said.

High Tide Tours Officially Launches This June

Hike, Meditate and Consume Cannabis Consciously On Hide Tide Tours

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The tentative date for the first tour is June 23rd, but it could be sooner. Tickets will be sold on their website and will range between $99 and $150, depending on the event. But this is only the first step for High Tide Tours. Looking towards the company’s future, Evins explained, “We want to demystify the entire culture and the medicinal impact, and encourage people to use the things that mother earth has given us.”

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